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Keystone Spotlight: Michael Gonzalez

“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top-performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service.

There’s always something exciting happening at Keystone and this past summer was no exception. Keystone recently acquired Aurora, Colorado-based community management company, Maximum Property Management, as its inaugural out-of-state expansion. Leading the Denver-area integration is newly-appointed Vice President of Community Management, Michael Gonzalez, a longtime team member of Keystone who officially stepped into the role in August.

Michael’s nearly 10 years of experience with Keystone in various association management roles has allowed him to fully explore the various aspects of how Keystone operates as he guides this new branch of the company and continues to nurture the relationships already in place.

The Road to Aurora

When considering the opportunity to acquire Maximum, “Keystone wanted to ensure they found a good fit, one with a service model that was aligned with similar values, such as championing technology and investing in their people,” shares Michael. Fortunately, a people-centric, high quality customer service environment was already ingrained in Maximum Property Management’s company culture.

The board members have a strong connection with former president, Tammy Hall, who owned the company for 23 years, as well as with the company’s current managers. Though Tammy has taken a step back, Keystone is fortunate to still have her onboard managing accounting and financials with Michael stepping in to steer the day-to-day operations, addressing questions regarding the transition, and servicing clients with his expertise and experience in the market.

How It Started vs. How It’s Going

When it came time for Keystone to decide who would spearhead the company’s expansion into a new state, Michael was the perfect candidate. Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with focus on Marketing from Cal State Fullerton, his education set a solid foundation to build upon.

Michael started with the company in 2011 as a Community Association Manager and was promoted multiple times over the past decade, eventually moving into the role of Director of New Project Development. In this role, Michael helped home builders set up their community management for success by forward planning for their HOAs, assisting in the phasing process, and turning homesites over to the HOA board from the builder.

Leading By Example

During his four years as Director of New Project Development, Michael directly managed and led a team of managers, while overseeing developing communities in Orange County, CA. When discussing the role further, he shared, “I started to work my way into operations and getting involved in different aspects of the business, like testing new technologies and collaborating with the IT team, as well as further developing roles and responsibilities of various community management positions within the company. These efforts furthered my leadership role at Keystone and paved the way to my current position.”

As for Colorado, Michael envisioned Keystone’s entrance into the market as an opportunity for him to help lead a new team, expand upon Maximum’s great reputation in the Denver market, further develop the company’s community management operations, and become involved in new development opportunities in Colorado.

Additionally, with Keystone’s nearly 40 years of community management  expertise in the heart of homeowner associations in Southern California, the acquisition will provide added value to the already satisfied HOAs Maximum serves in the Denver area by offering greater operational processes and doubling down on creating a positive customer experience by exceeding board and community member expectations.

Onward and Upward

To say Michael is comfortable with adapting to change would be an understatement. Not only regarding his company role, but also his familial one. He’s made the move with his family from California to Colorado, exchanging beaches for mountains and surfing with snowboarding, and he and his wife also recently welcomed a new baby to join in on the excitement.

Though rooted in the moment of all that this newness offers, his eyes are on the future of what’s still to come. “Simply put, I want to take a great experience and enhance it, make it better,” Michael says. One of the main benefits Michael provides clients in his new role is years of developed skills and experience from his positions within Keystone serving various board and community members. He understands both what’s necessary from a day-to-day operational standpoint but also what’s necessary for long-term success.

Michael credits his educational background in business for setting him up for success and shares it’s a good starting point for anyone coming into this industry. “Understanding financials and knowing how to plan for the long-term is a huge component of what the job entails. You’re really running a portfolio of different businesses,” he shares.

Though he goes on to elaborate on the key component of building relationships by saying, “There’s a need to understand different personalities of homeowners and board members and cater to their individual level of experience and understanding. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when working with HOAs. An ability to be empathetic and put yourself into other people’s shoes to be able to respond appropriately is critical.”

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