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Switching your management company may seem like a lot of work, but the success of your HOA is worth it.  When the association/management company relationship is working well, it makes life easier for everyone involved. On the other hand, when the relationship is faltering, it can create problems when trying to achieve even the smallest…


At Keystone, we pride ourselves on taking full advantage of modern technologies to help our property managers and HOA management support staff provide superior customer service. None of this would be possible without the involvement of our expert IT team. Keystone’s Information Systems Coordinator, Sam Morng, is an outstanding example of a dedicated problem-solver who…


The board of directors of every homeowners association plays a crucial role in HOA management. If you’re not part of the board, you might not see all of their important duties. However, as a member of the community, you will definitely see the results of their work. In this article, we’ll cover the specifics of…


Though your property manager is your primary point of contact at your homeowners association management company, there are lots of people at the management company whose tireless work behind the scenes makes sure that your association receives top-notch service. One important team that often goes unnoticed is the Human Resources Department. Their expertise sets the…


Whether it’s a natural occurrence like a wildfire or earthquake or an avoidable catastrophe like flooding from a burst pipe, when major damage affects your home or property it can be tough to determine where to turn for help and advice or how to determine the responsibility of the owner vs. association. In this article,…


HOAs and their respective community association management companies have a reputation for being archaic. In some ways, this perception is well deserved. Many in the industry have adopted an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” attitude. Unfortunately, this lack of innovation is keeping many HOAs and management companies from providing a great experience for…


Online short-term rental brokers (think AirBnB, VRBO and HomeAway) are here to stay. While the new sharing economy has opened up lots of opportunities for homeowners to generate additional income, these peer-to-peer business models can create headaches for homeowners associations. This is an issue that many San Diego, Inland Empire and Orange County HOA management…


We have written many articles about the importance of experienced HOA managers: their roles & responsibilities, how to find the right fit and the significance of manager credentials. True, the manager is the day-to-day face of the management company to the association. However, managers are supported by teams of experienced professionals who provide essential services…


In previous articles, we have covered how to select a successful property manager and how to find the right manager fit for your community. All of the characteristics and capabilities covered in these articles are important to select a good manager for your community. But what about the subtle characteristics that separate a good community…


Teresa Duhoux is a lot of things to a lot of people here at Keystone. Teresa has been a professional property manager going on thirteen years, eight of which she has spent here at Keystone. Throughout her tenure with us, she has exhibited leadership, professionalism and high standards, rapidly ascending through the ranks from Property…