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“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service. For community manager Clint Taylor, establishing and maintaining strong personal relationships with board members and homeowners is not just part of his job – it’s why he does the job at all….


When you stroll the perfectly groomed grounds of your neighborhood or enjoy a relaxing afternoon at your community’s crystal-clear pool, it’s easy to overlook the amount of attention and maintenance required to keep your community looking spectacular. The beauty and value of your homeowners association doesn’t simply happen on its own. It’s a result of…


We know that rule enforcement is generally a touchy subject for HOA members. It’s the same for the HOA management company. No one feels great about issuing violation notices to homeowners. However, there is an important reason these rules exist at all: to protect and preserve property values by making sure that the community is…


Professional HOA management has a reputation for being slow to adapt. However, as innovative property management companies begin to develop and deploy smarter service solutions, industry best practices have started to evolve – and homeowners associations and property management companies are feeling the benefit. Sometimes the most important developments aren’t part of a major industry sea…


“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service. Transitioning into a new management contract is always a huge step for an HOA. Communities need a manager who can ensure that the switchover is seamless, so the board doesn’t fall behind…


Homeowners associations are a relatively new way to organize residential living, with origins that can be traced back only to about the middle of the 20th century. However, in the construction boom that took place in southern California in the 1960s, HOAs quickly began to gain significant traction.  Homeowners associations were a smart solution for…


As a homeowner in an HOA, you probably receive a constant influx of information about your homeowners association, your HOA board of directors, your rights and responsibilities as a homeowner and the management company that helps facilitate it all. It’s hard to keep straight who does what and why it’s important. In this article, we’ll…


As a member in a homeowners association, navigating the specifics of HOA living can get confusing. Where do you look for your HOA’s architectural guidelines? How can you find out more about upcoming events? What, exactly, does the board do? And how does your management company fit into all this? Lack of understanding can lead…


On October 3, 2019 we launched our first-ever Keystone Innovative Vendor Open House (KIVOH). The day-long event was an opportunity showcase local area vendors who push the limits of innovation to make HOA living more efficient and effective. During the event, we encouraged Keystone managers and staff to engage with the 40+ invited vendors. The…


Whether you’re thinking of running for a seat or you’ve recently been elected, serving on your HOA board is an important role. You’ll be tasked with making decisions that impact your neighbors, as well as guiding the financial path for your HOA. It’s a lot of responsibility for a group of volunteers who may have…