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Board Members: The Unsung Heroes of Your HOA

When you stroll the perfectly groomed grounds of your neighborhood or enjoy a relaxing afternoon at your community’s crystal-clear pool, it’s easy to overlook the amount of attention and maintenance required to keep your community looking spectacular.

The beauty and value of your homeowners association doesn’t simply happen on its own. It’s a result of the tireless work and attention from a dedicated group of volunteers: your community’s board members.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the ways your HOA’s board members are looking out for you by caring for your community, and how you can show your appreciation for all their hard work.

Board members oversee a wide range of amenities

Elaborate sports complexes, sprawling grounds and large clubhouses tend to get all the glory, but there are many less obvious that make your community special. An attractive entrance, spotless streets and creative landscaping all add to the value of the houses in your association and all contribute to a great feeling when you come home. Each one of these amenities requires close management to keep them attractive and safe.

Your board members, along with the help of your association management company, are tasked with finding and overseeing the vendors who keep your amenities looking great and available for your use.

They use your dues wisely

As a nonprofit corporation, your association collects dues (“assessments”) in order to manage and maintain your HOA. They make the decisions that direct where funds are spent, including making sure that they maintain the proper amount of reserves. Their decisions are outlined in your HOA’s annual budget, which, by law, is always available to you.

Part of their role in association management is maintaining a fiduciary duty, which means that they are obligated to act in the best interest of your community. Mismanagement of HOA funds can be disastrous in the long term for an association, so board members weigh all financial decisions carefully. As a nonprofit, any monies collected by any HOA must be reinvested into the association or allocated to reserves.

If you’re wondering where your association fees go, your HOA’s annual budget will outline every expense, down to the cent.

They act in your community’s best interest

Association members run for a seat on their HOA board because they truly care about the current and future state of your community. Part of that is ensuring that all members of the community continue to abide by the rules the HOA has established, including the board members themselves. They should act as examples for your community.

No board member enjoys issuing violation notices – but they do take their commitment to you and your community seriously. As such, they are the first line of defense in ensuring that your community maintains an aesthetic and atmospheric standard that reflects the HOA’s values.

If you receive a violation notice, remember that it’s never personal. Board members are simply following protocol to protect the value of the properties in your association.

How to show your appreciation to your board

If you love where you live, feel free to share your positive experience with your board members. As volunteers, the only currency they receive is their own satisfaction in making a difference as well as the appreciation of other association members.

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Here are a few ways you can go out of your way to let your HOA’s board know you recognize the great job they’re doing. 

Attend board meetings – Show up at the open session board  meetings and weigh in on the direction of your community. Your attendance demonstrates to board members that you care about your community as much as they do.

Introduce yourself – Put a face to the people that your HOA board represents. Establishing a personal relationship with your board members helps you see their personal side, not just the results of their decision-making.

Send a thank you – Small gestures can make a huge difference. If you see something you love about your community, send personal thank you notes or emails to the members of your board to share your appreciation.

Host an event Open your doors to your board members as a way to recognize them. Invite them to your home or conduct an informal gathering in one of your community’s common areas.

Join a committee ­– Volunteering your time is a great way to show your appreciation and HOA boards need all the help they can get. Successful HOAs rely on input from association members, not just the board membership. If there is an issue you feel passionate about, join a committee and lend your time to supporting the board.

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HOA board members volunteer years’ worth of their time and attention to improve your association. Take the time to give credit where it’s due. If you don’t know any of your board members personally, reach out and introduce yourself. If you do, take the time to offer a smile and a thank you. They’ll appreciate the recognition for all the hard work they’re doing for your community.

Thinking of running for a seat on your HOA board? Our HOA management experts can tell you what you need to know.

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