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Traits of Great Community Association Managers

The time, effort, and attention that goes into creating an environment that feels welcoming and connected is what makes people love where they live. Having a community association management company that truly understands the ingredients that make up the best recipe for success can make all the difference in how well a property runs, as well as resident satisfaction.

To foster engaged communities, it starts with an understanding of what matters most to the association members and having the right management in place to carry out that vision. And although each community’s goals are unique, here are six of some of the most important traits that help community association managers succeed in delivering meaningful experiences for HOAs.

Responding with Urgency

Responding with urgency is one of the most valuable traits in community association management. Most problems can be quickly diffused when the right tone, concern, and urgency is applied. Rather than delivering a standardized response, the focus should be on how quickly and effectively a customized solution is communicated. This can often be achieved through empathetic listening and prioritization. It offers people a human response and assures them that their matter is promptly being handled.

And, because not every request is an emergency, great community association managers can quickly assess a situation and implement the best possible solution in order of importance. While a situation may not be urgent nor can a resolution always be immediate, responding quickly, acknowledging the receipt of the request will help build trust between the members and the management company.

Ability to Close the Loop

A complementary trait to responding quickly is an ability to “close the loop.” This involves solving the problem at hand while also ensuring there are no lingering issues to be addressed.

This proactive follow-through often prevents minor situations from escalating into bigger problems. It also limits frustrations and avoids misinformation simply by taking a step beyond the initial resolution.

Customizing Communication

A third important trait is effective communication, which is crucial for everything to run smoother. To go beyond the status quo, community association management companies must identify the best way to address a community as a whole, as well as on a one-to-one-basis. Newsletters, billing statements, email blasts, and bulletin boards are all common ways to share information. However, it’s not necessarily about adding more methods of communication, but rather choosing the method that’s preferred by the community members to facilitate ideal responsiveness.

Some people are partial to the convenience of online communication, while others appreciate  a verbal discussion. Knowing how to distribute pertinent information in the way that’s best received is crucial to the satisfaction of residents and ultimately, a HOA board.

Efficiency and Organization

Great community association managers are often well-versed jack of all trades. They have overarching knowledge of all areas affecting property management, experience in facilitating a broad range of tasks, and the ability to quickly connect with qualified experts for advice when complex issues arise. Being able to successfully manage resources not only optimizes efficiency but also achieves desired results more quickly.

Excellent management also requires superior organizational skills and leadership ability to run HOA meetings effectively. With restricted times and specific rules in place, a great manager knows how to accomplish the goals presented by directing meetings in an organized and productive way.

Well-Versed in the Industry

In addition, community association management must be in-the know when it comes to changing HOA laws, industry trends, and the regulations that guide community HOAs. Ongoing education and training is critical for managers to be able to lead associations into greatness. In order to provide innovative HOA management solutions, look to management companies that focus on earning industry credentials that extend beyond the basics. This includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Professional Community Association Managers (PCAM) certified by Community Associations Institute (CAI)
  • Association Management Specialists (AMS) certified by Community Associations Institute (CAI)
  • Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) from Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB)

Elevated Customer Service Skills

Last but not least, an innate desire to help others is at the heart of exceptional community association managers. Elevated customer service skills include servant leadership of putting others first and building relationships versus making interactions feel transactional. Community association managers that embody these traits, along with being equipped with the training and technology necessary to perform their best, helps keep communities engaged and invested in upholding the values of where they live.

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