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Keystone Spotlight: Kristy Stenger

“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service. 

“Improving people’s lives beyond expectations” is one of Keystone’s core company values. Not only does every member of our team direct their energy and attention to improving the lives of the HOA members in the communities we manage, but we also apply this philosophy internally.

Kristy Stenger sees this as more than a company value–it’s how she lives her life. Her commitment to helping others was reflected in her two recent “Improving-A-Life” Awards. Improving-A-Life Awards are informal company awards recognizing individuals who have received outstanding feedback from clients, vendor partners, or other Keystone team members.

Recently promoted to Director of Community Management of Keystone’s Rancho Santa Margarita Regional Office, Kristy credits her stand-out service to her commitment to focusing on positive outcomes and solutions, even in tricky situations. “I’m obsessed with providing exceptional customer service, no matter what,” she explains. “Board members carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. It’s my mission to provide them with all the information they need to feel more comfortable and confident in their decisions.”

A significant part of HOA management involves guiding and reassuring board and community members through physical updates to their common areas. Following large-scale projects through to completion is one of the most rewarding parts of Kristy’s job. 

She knows the importance of reassuring community members and making sure they know they’re part of the process. This was especially important during 2020, as many homeowners were working from home and acutely aware of changes happening right outside.

“Communication is my number one thing,” she says. “I sympathize with community members. After all, no one likes to see the street or hillside outside their house undergoing a major renovation. I make sure to provide lots of detailed communication that includes things like project timelines, the reasoning behind the project, and a vision of the end result. This helps community members understand exactly what is happening, when, and why. No one likes surprises in their neighborhood. When community members are kept in the loop, it’s much easier to maintain their support.”

With a decade of experience as a commercial property manager, Kristy tackled her new position at Keystone just over nine months ago with the same vigor and commitment she has applied throughout her life.

“I have years of experience in commercial management, but there are some big differences when managing residential communities–especially since I joined the team at the height of COVID restrictions in the middle of 2020,” she explains.

Kristy has proven to be very proficient in understanding complicated HOA legal matters. Her first task: to pore over HOA governing documents, learning about the exact rules and guidelines that apply to HOA management. “I grew up as a competitive dancer and volleyball player. I know the value of hard work, practice, and commitment,” she says. “I’ve carried these principles with me throughout my life, and apply them to everything I do, including property management.”

Kristy sees every interaction with community members as a personal challenge to deliver the most exceptional service possible. This is especially important when she receives heated phone calls from association members.

To help put homeowners at ease, she offers an explanation and provides a sympathetic ear. “I find that once I explain the situation in plain language and answer questions, I can turn things around and end the conversation on a positive note. That’s always my goal: to help homeowners feel better about things. I want to alleviate their feelings of frustration as soon as possible.”

As life has undergone so much disruption over the last year, Kristy’s determination to focus on the positive is an inspiration to us all. She continues to look for new ways to turn challenges into opportunities–and we’re excited to see what her journey with Keystone will bring.

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