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Keystone Spotlight: Brandon Surdock

Brandon Surdock is the type of manager who takes the time to understand how things work. Recently promoted to General Manager for an association with on-site management services, Brandon brings unwavering patience and meticulous attention to detail to his job. He knows that quality HOA management requires overseeing dozens of moving pieces all at once.

Formerly a high-rise manager, Brandon believes that gaining a full understanding of the inner workings of every association is the key to making sure everything functions cohesively as a whole. “Managing high rises is its own unique animal,” he explains. “It’s crucial to know what’s happening inside the walls, down in the boiler room, and up on the roof—in addition to each of the unique relationships between homeowners to their HOA. Because everything is interconnected, everything that happens affects everything else.”

This interconnectedness also applies to HOA management involving single family homes. Though each house is its own individual unit, knowing how they all fit together influences how an HOA functions and how satisfied the membership is. “Brandon was a natural choice for the communities he currently oversees, because he’s the kind of guy who steps in and takes the time to thoroughly understand a situation before he starts making recommendations,” explains Joe Winkler, Keystone’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We always make sure that each Keystone manager is the right fit for the community and Brandon is the type who can take on communities with boards that are facing challenges and get them back on track efficiently and effectively.”

When seats on HOA boards turn over, the transition can sometimes become a challenge for a community. Change is difficult. When it hits an HOA all at once, tensions rise. As the community manager, these frustrations sometimes fall directly on Brandon’s shoulders. This is why he believes that one of the most important traits an HOA manager can possess is patience. Six years working in the hospitality industry equipped him to keep a cool head when homeowners are feeling anything but calm. “It’s important not to take things personally,” he explains. “People get upset and I understand where they’re coming from. A little empathy goes a long way.”

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As a portfolio manager, Brandon oversees multiple communities, visiting each one often to conduct property inspections, chat with homeowners, and confer with each HOA board. Some of his greatest professional satisfaction comes from helping new board members acclimate to their role and helping struggling boards establish a smoother rhythm in managing the community. He does this by sharing his knowledge and taking the time to earn their trust. “Board members are well-meaning, deeply invested members of the community, who have volunteered their time to help their HOA succeed. But many board members don’t have any experience navigating the challenges of overseeing a multi-million-dollar corporation. Sometimes they need a helping hand. I help them put things into perspective and become pro-active about getting things under control.”

Part of the reason Brandon loves his job is because no two days are ever alike. “It’s impossible to prepare for every potential future scenario, but all of my experience builds on itself. The challenge of thinking on my feet to solve problems that are unique to each individual HOA is a thrill. It keeps every day interesting.” When he’s not working, Brandon spends his time on activities that occupy his mind. An avid fisherman, hiker and golfer, he loves the outdoors—and the preparation and planning that are part of these activities. Each of these activities requires rigorous preparation paired with the need to make incremental but important changes should the situation call for it.

Brandon is able to evaluate complicated challenges and break them down into individual parts so he can address each element one by one. His methodical approach, paired with his endless patience and deep understanding of the homeowner’s perspective, makes him a valued member of the Keystone team.

Thanks for all your insight and hard work, Brandon. We’re looking forward to many more years of your continued success!

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