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How to Select a Successful Property Manager

Your property manager plays an important role in the smooth functioning of your community. Their advice, expertise and administrative and communications support contribute to enhancing the value and enjoyment of your community. Your homeowners association management company will pair you with an experienced manager who possesses the ideal traits to help your community thrive. But how can you tell who is most likely to be successful for the long-term?

Here’s how to identify the best candidate to create a lasting and beneficial partnership.

Important manager must-haves

Your property management company will vet candidates based on experience, knowledge of community management best practices and expertise in the laws and regulations that govern homeowners associations. In addition, here are the core characteristics and behaviors of a quality property manager:

  • High aptitude for customer service, including a friendly and professional demeanor
  • Exhibit empathy and kindness
  • Ability to evaluate technical documents and translate information into plain English for HOA boards and membership
  • Well-organized and can successfully manage their time
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Consistent follow-up and follow-through
  • Flexibility
  • Patience

Pick the perfect personality

Once the above basic characteristics are met, then the search for the ideal property manager becomes more nuanced. We believe that finding a manager with the appropriate disposition is so important, we administer personality tests to our candidates to uncover the breadth of their strengths. While each individual is unique, the most successful property managers display one of two general personality types:

“The Rule Followers” – These people believe in the effectiveness of clear rules and consistent application. Managers with this personality type are the ideal choice to help communities with slipping standards get back on track. For communities whose residents have stopped abiding by HOA guidelines, this type of consistency can help quickly elevate the community’s standard of living.

“The People Pleasers” – These types of property managers are obsessed with making sure residents are satisfied. Though all quality property managers offer attentive service, these individuals can’t sleep at night until they have handled every last detail of each request. These types of managers are best suited for communities that have high levels of participation. These communities might be more focused on their long-term goals than the day-to-day and want a property manager who can help them implement their vision for the future.

Your property manager is your partner

A property manager and HOA Board are partners in an important business relationship and your property manager shares your objectives: to protect your property values and facilitate the enjoyment of your community. Remember to treat your manager like a partner, not a subordinate. When you do, you gain the full value of their experience as they work hard to improve your community.

Finding the right fit

A successful relationship with your property manager is all about finding the right fit–not necessarily about achieving perfection. Finding the right fit depends on the needs of your community itself. Understand the strengths of particular managers and how they can support your community. A closer look at your community’s goals and challenges will help you select the perfect candidate:

  • Get clear about your community’s goals before interviewing candidates
  • Share these goals with your homeowners association management company
  • Interview candidates thoughtfully and ask probing questions
  • Be specific and constructive when relaying your feedback to your management company

If a candidate doesn’t seem like the ideal fit, don’t be afraid to speak up. Listing specific concerns will help your property management company provide you with a manager who will better integrate with your community.

If you have questions about how to identify a property manager who can best support your community, call Keystone Pacific at (949) 833-2600. We will discuss the strategies we use to make the right manager match and how we can help your community find the best fit.

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