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5 Reasons Your HOA Management Company Needs a Strong HR Department

Though your property manager is your primary point of contact at your homeowners association management company, there are lots of people at the management company whose tireless work behind the scenes makes sure that your association receives top-notch service.

One important team that often goes unnoticed is the Human Resources Department. Their expertise sets the tone for much of the manager/HOA engagement. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways that a strong HOA management company HR Department helps homeowners.

1. They recruit quality talent.

At its core, HOA management is a relationship-driven business. Because a management company is tasked with providing a service, in a sense, “people are our product.” A strong HR team is in charge of finding both managers for HOAs and other quality candidates to fill all open positions, from IT to Accounting and beyond. They have a knack for spotting professional talent.

2. They are in charge of finding the right fit.

Not everyone is cut out to be an HOA manager. The demands of the job require a certain personality type to truly succeed in the long term. The same goes for Accounting, Sales and IT support. As the old saying goes, “You can teach the aptitude, but you can’t teach attitude.” The HR department is tasked with making sure that each candidate possesses the right mix of experience and personality traits to really love doing their job.

3. They limit the HOA’s exposure to liability.

Though not the most glamorous aspect of the HR department’s responsibilities, this one is indispensable. Every homeowners association management company employs people who are working directly in communities. The management company’s goal is to mitigate the association’s risk, in terms of inter-personal interaction. A solid HR department ensures that managers and boards of directors are treating everyone fairly and within the parameters of the law. HR department team members are well-versed in employment regulation and productive conflict resolution.

4. They support employee happiness.

The HR department at your management company is in charge of handling all of the personnel details that keep employees satisfied. In addition to the basics like paid time off requests, 401k plan management, health benefits and payroll, an engaged HR team helps employees build their careers. At Keystone, our HR department is deeply involved in supporting our managers’ ongoing accreditation, as well as providing valuable leadership training.

5. They set the tone for company culture.

A solid HR department helps ensure that the staff at the HOA management company are actively translating company values into action. This interaction should extend to all relationships, including the relationship between the management company and HOA boards, membership and vendors, as well as internally. At Keystone, our company vision is to Improve people’s lives beyond expectations.” We want to make sure that everyone with whom we interact has a clear sense of what we stand for and what they can expect from us. Our HR department has a strong hand in ensuring that we stay true to this vision.

The human resources department at your homeowners association management company is usually not top-of-mind when you think of your management team. However, their professionalism, dedication and expertise keep the back-end of your management company running smoothly. If they’re doing their jobs correctly, you’ll barely know they’re there, but you’ll benefit from a happy, enthusiastic manager and a strong, satisfied support staff.

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