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Information Technology: The Silent Resource in Your Community

HOAs and their respective community association management companies have a reputation for being archaic. In some ways, this perception is well deserved. Many in the industry have adopted an “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” attitude. Unfortunately, this lack of innovation is keeping many HOAs and management companies from providing a great experience for their clients.

At Keystone, we actually hold the opposite POV: as a leading Southern California community association management company, it’s our duty to lead by example, demonstrating how HOA management can reach the cutting edge of customer service.

One of the most important— but least visible—assets of every HOA are the information technology services provided by their respective management companies. In this article, we’re going to shine some light on the innovative IT that helps your HOA protect property values and keep residents happy.

Community websites and Member/Board Portals

A strong website provides a 24/7 resource for HOA members to obtain important information and remain engaged in their community. Here are some of the things that should be part of your community website and portals:

Community Website
  • Contact information for your property manager and community association management company
  • Names of board members
  • Copies of your association’s governing documents
  • Ability to pay fees & assessments
  • Architectural applications and other forms
  • Common area/amenities rules and hours
  • Board meeting schedule & location
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Community message board
  • Community event information
  • Book common area amenities
Member Portal
  • Ability to view billing information and pay assessments
  • Ability to opt into e-communications and e-billing
  • View status on work orders, architectural applications and violations
Board Portal
  • View status on work orders, architectural applications and violations
  • View delinquency status
  • View invoices, board packages and other important documents

Woodbury Community Association has an excellent website that features all of the above plus much more. Though a website with this level of customization may cost an additional fee to design and maintain, a basic site can cover all the key bases.

Community management software

When it comes to day-to-day management, cumbersome paper files have been replaced with software. Your community association management company likely implements specialized software that makes it easier and faster to address your questions and serve your community.

Not only does Keystone use cutting-edge HOA management software, we have also invested in customizations that make it more seamless for our entire team to help all residents of the communities we manage. For example, if you call with a question about a violation, our team can instantly access the individual letter complete with a picture of the violation and direct you to the member portal where you can view the violation correspondence. What used to require speaking to your own property manager or multiple relayed phone calls can now happen with a single click.

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Emerging tech’s potential to advance HOA management

Beyond basics like community management-specific software, IT advancements have opened up a whole new world for smarter, more efficient community association management. In October, we’re hosting the Keystone Innovative Vendor Open House, where we will invite local vendors to demonstrate products and services that can improve HOA management. From bar-coded landscaping maintenance tracking to roof-inspecting drones, creative applications of technology have the power to improve overall management and the internal operations of each HOA.

Technology helps support the great relationships formed with your community association management company. When technology is employed as a smart tool, it can free up managers to provide more attention to the things that require human input. As such, it becomes be a powerful—but likely silent—support system that keeps your HOA running at its peak potential.

Want to know more about how Keystone uses technology to improve your HOA? Contact our expert management team today to discuss.

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