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HOA Management 101: The Role of the Board

The board of directors of every homeowners association plays a crucial role in HOA management. If you’re not part of the board, you might not see all of their important duties. However, as a member of the community, you will definitely see the results of their work. In this article, we’ll cover the specifics of what your board does and why it’s important.

Two Goals in Mind

All actions and decisions that the board takes are in service of two key goals: 1. To protect and increase the HOA’s property values and 2. To drive a sense of community. All board members are volunteers, which means that they are not compensated financially. They are simply homeowners who care about what happens in their community and are willing to dedicate their time to help ensure that the HOA is the best possible place to live.

Protect and Increase Property Values

Your home is probably among your most valuable – and personal – assets. At minimum, the board is working to protect the value of these important assets and their decisions will help increase the value of the homes in your association over time.

In order to protect and increase property values, HOA boards of directors perform these key functions:

Overseeing maintenance of common areas – This involves making sure that all common areas (ex. pools, gates, clubhouses, parks, athletic facilities, etc.) are well-maintained and responsibly funded. One of the board’s key HOA management responsibilities is to carry out their fiduciary duty to your community, making careful financial decisions that ensure that your community has enough funding in cash and reserves to keep common areas looking great.

Enforcement of your association’s rules & regulations – Your HOA’s rules & regulations are in place to ensure that the community looks appealing and welcoming to all current and prospective residents. Guidelines regarding parking, lawncare, trash collection, paint color, and architectural improvements are all in place to create an orderly community that bolsters everyone’s equity, including yours. 

Bringing the community vision to life – Board members take proactive steps to ensure that the decisions they make today will support your community’s overall vision down the line. That means making smart, fiscally responsible choices and correctly prioritizing action to ensure that your community still looks and feels great for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Drive a Sense of Community

One of the unique benefits of living in a homeowners association is that there is an organizational body in place (the HOA board) that takes the time to foster a stronger sense of community between you and your neighbors. Whether yours is a small or sprawling association, a strong board can provide opportunities for you to get closer to your neighbors and become more involved in your community.

The board is tasked with approving and budgeting ideas from the manager or sub-committees to increase community engagement. These events are funded by association member dues; therefore, you should feel encouraged and welcome to participate in all community events. Here are a few creative ideas that we have seen implemented by Southern California HOAs:

  • Holiday parties/parades
  • Movies in the park
  • Outdoor concert series
  • Formal galas
  • Friendly sports competitions
  • Community classes
  • BBQs, potlucks
  • Clothing/canned food drives

All events and activities should relate to the overall vision and vibe of your community and take full advantage of your HOA’s unique amenities.

HOA board members are committed volunteers who are doing their best to build stronger communities – both fiscally and socially. Every decision they make is driven by these two important goals. As residents of your community, they too care about the direction of the HOA and are willing to step in to support its success.

Have questions about the role of the board in your HOA or want to know more about running for a seat yourself? Your property manager can help.


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