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Three Reasons to Become an HOA Board Member

Do you have great ideas about how your community can be managed more efficiently?

Would you like to become more involved in your HOA’s daily operations?

Do you have the time, dedication and enthusiasm to regularly volunteer your skills for the benefit of your community?

If so, then you’re a perfect candidate to run for a seat on your HOA board of directors. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to run, here are three reasons you should take the leap.

  1. You’ll help to protect your investment.

Board members are tasked with making important decisions on behalf of the homeowners association. Your HOA is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation in charge of overseeing a multi-million-dollar set of assets: the homes and common areas in your community. As a board member, you will have a significant influence on assessments, community improvement projects, scheduling and operational aspects of projects and the overall future vision for your community. These decisions have a major impact on the trajectory of the property values in your community. Your property management company will offer insight and administrative support, but ultimately, decisions that affect the association are the responsibility of the board.

  1. You’ll make your community a nicer place to live.

In addition to administrative and operational tasks, board members can act as cornerstones to enrich community life through events and community-building activities. As a board member, you’ll play a role in shaping your community’s identity and providing input into a strategic plan that establishes its long-term vision. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet your neighbors, learn about what matters to them and help bring those priorities to life. Working alongside the community manager from your property management company, you’ll help maintain a pleasing and welcoming community atmosphere.

  1. You’ll bring valuable skills to the table.

Your community can benefit from the skills you have to offer, especially if you have specialized experience in finance, legal, operations or communications. Your social skills can be a major asset to your HOA as well as board members are expected to be civic-minded, impartial and detail oriented. Some of your hobbies can also enhance your association. Your love of landscaping, recreational sports, design or event planning can help your board make more informed decisions about projects that will improve your community.

Check out our article, “What Makes a Great HOA Board Member?” and discover how many of the skills you already possess can be put to good use by your HOA board.

Running for a seat on your homeowners association board of directors is a major decision. Before making a commitment, attend a few board meetings to get a sense of how they operate. Reach out to current or past board members and ask about their experiences and what they have learned. Speak to your community manager or property management company to get a run-down of what would be expected of you in your new role. If occupying a seat on your HOA board of directors sounds like a fun and challenging opportunity, then ask your manager when your community’s next election will be held and the steps to take to get started.

For more information about the role and responsibilities of an HOA board member, call your property manager or contact Keystone Pacific.

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