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Keystone Spotlight: Kaylin Porritt, Community Manager

“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service. 

We’re proud to recognize Kaylin Porritt in our first Keystone Spotlight. Kaylin has been providing superior service to Keystone Pacific clients during her four years as a Community Manager and for the prior year as an Associate. Her expertise, dedication and positive attitude not only benefit our HOA clients but also set a strong example for others within Keystone Pacific.

Kaylin Porritt – Senior Community Manager

Kaylin recently demonstrated her dedication to go above and beyond when she was asked to organize a last-minute Friday night board meeting for an incoming board. “We usually schedule board meetings Monday through Thursday because we’ve found that these meetings have higher attendance rates. However, this board was eager to get started and wanted to schedule an open board meeting right away,” explains Kaylin.

Kaylin knew that this all-new board was intent on establishing greater transparency and responsiveness to the membership of their mid-sized community since these were areas where the previous board had fallen short. As a Senior Community Manager with Keystone Pacific, every other Friday is normally a day off for Kaylin, but she prioritized the community’s needs by organizing and participating in the open board meeting that evening. During the 3-hour meeting, Kaylin answered questions from the board and membership, explained the roles and responsibilities of the board, membership and HOA management company, and outlined the resources available to each. Additionally, she had prepared a series of vendor proposals and bids to present regarding community improvements listed on the agenda.

Kaylin’s manager, Gloria Vizzini, was on hand during the meeting to help field questions. She said, “By the time the meeting was adjourned, the board had a clear understanding of their roles as board members and the role of the HOA management company. There will still be many hours of legwork on Kaylin’s part to address the items on her punch list but the meeting was a fantastic start to a successful business relationship.”

Prior to HOA management, Kaylin began her career working with preschool children. She says, “I loved working with children because no two days were ever alike. In fact, many similar skills are required to be a successful property manager. Things like multi-tasking, prioritizing, scheduling and creative problem-solving.”

Kaylin believes that other traits that make the most successful property managers include patience, good listening skills, the ability to successfully work with various personality types, and a sense of tact and diplomacy, especially in tough situations. “What many homeowners and board members don’t realize is that we are here to protect their Association–from exposure to liability and from dips in property value. Because of that, we are tasked with saying ‘no’ to requests which might be reasonable, but are just not currently permitted under state law or their community’s CC&Rs or Rules & Regulations.”

Kaylin also finds that many homeowners are surprised to discover that HOA management companies are open to discussion and are available to offer explanations. “I think there is a misconception that a community management company is a monolith whose only function is to enforce the rules,” she explains. “When homeowners reach out, they are often surprised to discover that I’m nice and friendly and genuinely trying to help.”

Kaylin is excited to continue to build the relationship with this new board, as well provide ongoing support for every community she serves. “One of the most satisfying parts of my job is completing projects that help communities achieve their goals,” she explains. “I love seeing projects come to life and sharing the sense of accomplishment with homeowners and board members who see their decisions put into action. It’s a really rewarding feeling.”

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