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The Power of Ongoing Education for HOA Board Members

As a volunteer board member on your community’s homeowners association, you are not expected to understand the complicated logistical and legal details that govern the community. However, the more you know about the ins and outs of property management, the more confident you can feel about each decision you make.

A clear understanding of expectations for each board member also helps define everyone’s role. We recommend ongoing education for every individual who serves on the board of an HOA.  There are multiple ways to continue your education as a board member. If you are not currently a Keystone Pacific client, speak with your property management company to discover the educational tips and resources they offer.

Guidance and Q&A at Board Meetings

Since your board is comprised of individuals who come from diverse backgrounds, we find that board members often have different perspectives and problem-solving methods. At Keystone Pacific, we offer ongoing education in the form of guidance and advice during board meetings. By answering questions and providing expert guidance as a part of our property management service, we help each person understand their role which creates stronger working relationships overall.

New Board Member Training

We offer 15- to 20-minute new board member orientation sessions that cover the basic roles of the board and the property management company. We also share helpful information that provides a useful foundation to kick-start your service, including:

  • Review of governing documents and what each covers
  • Definition of key terms, such as “fiduciary responsibility”
  • Outlining the board’s powers & duties
  • The roles of committees and board officers
  • Discussion of state and local codes and laws that affect property management
  • Explanation of good business judgment and how it can affect the community’s insurance and liability
  • How to conduct effective board meetings


These orientations are especially helpful when new members join the board or simply as a refresher course. During these sessions, we encourage board members to freely ask questions to gain clarification about challenges and expectations that will arise during the period in which you serve.

Supplemental Workshops with Experts

Beyond basic education, many board members appreciate a deeper dive into details about specific issues that affect their homeowners association. We host regular seminars at our offices with experts in various fields that impact California property management including attorneys, drought-tolerant landscaping experts, contractors, solar panel installers, etc. These in-depth sessions allow you to ask specific questions about how each of these topics can enhance your community. After equipping yourself with more information, you can take this insight back to your board meetings and make smarter decisions for your entire community.

Join Industry Organizations

We encourage you to join your local chapter of Community Associations Institute (CAI). This industry organization provides education, information, and other resources to HOA board members and residents. The networking events, vendor expos and classes hosted by CAI enable you to engage with experts and learn information that specifically concerns your community. During these helpful events, you can connect with members of HOA boards in different communities who have solved similar issues. Attending these events can inspire you to stay engaged and interested in community management.

Serving on the board of your HOA is a big responsibility. After your election, you are tasked with making important decisions and providing quality on-site community management. The better you equip yourself with current information and ongoing education, the more effective you can be–as both a board member and a resident.

If you would like to learn more about how to become better educated as a board member, or would like to ask Keystone Pacific to speak to your board about the benefits of continuing education, please call us today at (949) 833-2600.

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