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Keystone Spotlight: Lisa Munson

“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service.

A strong relationship between an HOA board and their community manager sets the stage for efficient community improvements and a smoothly functioning homeowners association. Keystone Pacific Community Manager Lisa Munson exemplifies this level of harmony via her work at Newport Ridge Summit, the sprawling French countryside-inspired 150-condo gated community that hugs the San Joaquin Hills in Newport Coast.

The three members of Newport Ridge Summit’s HOA board are motivated, dedicated volunteers who have ambitious plans for their community. When they signed with Keystone Pacific, they needed a property manager who could help them manage their goals and priorities and could keep up with their results-oriented objectives. A 3-year veteran with Keystone Pacific, Lisa took over management duties at Newport Ridge Summit just over five months ago.

Picking up where the previous manager left off, Lisa undertook the challenge of stepping into her role as manager without missing a beat. Her first task: help oversee the board’s decision to repaint the exteriors of the property’s units and common areas. Each of the 26 French-style buildings would require vine removal, temporary removal, and reinstallation of satellite dishes, power washing, restoration, and painting. From there, common areas would undergo minor renovations, including new patio furniture and other aesthetic improvements.

The project called for detailed supervision, meticulous organization and constant communication with the board. “Repainting 150 units and all common areas isn’t something that can be done overnight, from a timeline or budgetary perspective,” says Lisa. “It’s a project that requires weeks of preparation and months to complete.”

Lisa sought to pace the board, outlining the anticipated challenges and possible setbacks so the board could prioritize effectively. “Too many projects going on at one time can impede progress,” she explains. “This board has been incredibly responsive when it comes to reviewing proposals, weighing the options and making smart decisions quickly. That level of productivity is a must when managing projects of this scope–if you want to complete your goals on time and within your budget.”

As the project got underway, an unexpected curveball sailed into the mix. Painters noticed major problems with the exterior decks on many of the units–cracks, peeling, rusted wrought iron on the bases, and damage to the construction beneath. These were problems that should have been noted and corrected by a general contractor who had been hired months prior to inspect and address these issues with the management and board, before resealing the decks. The oversight would require extensive repair before renovation could continue.

This hiccup presented not only a logistical challenge but also a legal matter. Lisa is in the process of helping the board navigate a complicated contractual dispute regarding the previous vendor’s liability. The resolution is not yet complete, but Lisa continues to assist the board in managing documentation requests and communications with the association’s legal counsel.

Lisa credits much of her success to the involvement of Newport Ridge Summit’s attentive board. “Homeowners association management is highly dependent on the board members’ level of engagement, and this board is a dream to work with. They have a clear vision for their community and know how to review a contract, extract the most important information and use that to move forward. They also take an active part in working closely with the association membership, answering questions and resolving issues quickly. They take pride in their community and it shows.”

Lisa’s supervisor, Keystone Pacific District Manager Danielle Curran, sums up Lisa’s work by saying, “Lisa is always willing to take on high volume accounts, jumping in enthusiastically to assist with whatever is needed. This is why the board of Newport Ridge Summit fell in love with her. Every board member has mentioned to me directly how much they appreciate her and are thrilled at the prospect of continuing to work with her.”

All of us here at Keystone Pacific are thrilled that we’ve got Lisa on our team, too. Bon travail!

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