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Keystone Spotlight: Clint Taylor

“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service.

For community manager Clint Taylor, establishing and maintaining strong personal relationships with board members and homeowners is not just part of his job – it’s why he does the job at all.

“I really love people. And I mean that from my heart,” he explains. A third-generation property management professional, Clint’s insatiable desire to learn about and engage with people makes community management a career path in which he was born to succeed.

His early career centered around building important “people skills” that are crucial in HOA management. “A lot of times when I go to someone’s house, they’re already upset about something,” he says. “It’s totally understandable. Their home is their biggest investment and it’s their most personal. I’m a property owner myself, so I understand and respect where they’re coming from, and I make sure to always let them know.”

Clint’s enthusiasm is fueled by a strong desire to always keep learning. He started on the ground floor, gaining exposure to the inner workings of HOA management while working as an onsite handyman throughout his college years. From there, Clint moved into the office, becoming an associate manager, then a community manager, then a Senior Community Manager and finally earning the esteemed designation of Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) from Community Associations Institute (CAI).

The most exciting part of his job? Establishing personal connections. “I love the people I work with in the communities I manage. I’m proud to say that I not only have a 100% client retention rate, I consider the people I work for my friends. Heck, I’ve got board members who come to my house for my kids’ birthday parties. I’m 36 and some of my best friends are senior citizens,” he says. Clint’s connection to homeowners is no an accident. He believes in the old-school values that are a crucial part of delivering exceptional customer service. Things like a warm handshake, a personal introduction and always treating homeowners with respect.

Clint is committed to being his authentic self, both at work and after hours. “I have the same values in my personal life as I do when I’m at work. I’m an open book. Even if I make a mistake, I’m a firm believer in never trying to cover anything up. My philosophy is: Admit your failure, understand it, work harder, then build yourself up even better. It’s the only way to learn. Homeowners and HOA boards recognize when you respect them enough to be completely honest.”

Every day is different, which is that’s part of why Clint loves being a community manager. From overseeing plans to install a community dog park to renovating a pool to trading thoughts on a homeowner’s dirt bike build, Clint doesn’t see himself as simply working for a community – he considers himself part of the community.

Keystone Regional Manager Darren Mandel explains, “If you ever speak to Clint about his job, you’ll notice immediately that he is proud of the associations he manages. He listens closely to his clients and takes the time to truly understand their challenges. He then utilizes his experience and resources to provide creative solutions.”

For Clint, there is plenty of room for creative thinking, especially if it means he can find ways to bring more stoke to homeowners and board members. “I love to brighten people’s days,” he says. “I’ll bring pizza to the board during our meetings or hit up a local restaurant to sponsor a community event. Little things can make a big difference and I’m happy to do them.”

Clint has managed communities of all sizes but in his eyes, they’re all equally important. Right now, he’s managing four communities that cover about 1,500 homes. “It doesn’t matter to me if I’m managing one or 10,000 households. I treat each and every one the same. I will work as hard as I can for them.”

Clint has a passionate personality and is excited to be part of the future with Keystone. He is eager to experience what’s next on the horizon as we develop and grow. He is bursting with new ideas to provide even better HOA management experiences for homeowners. He sums it up by saying, “I can’t wait to make my mark on this industry. You better believe it.”

We believe it, Clint. And we know you’ll be first in line to get it done.

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