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Keystone Spotlight: Blanca Torres Reyes

Receiving recognition is the icing on the cake, confirming the excellence that our team displays day in and day out. We’re happy to spotlight our most recent Keystone award winner, Senior Administrative Assistant, Blanca Torres Reyes, who was the recipient of this year’s Ocean Hills Country Club – Board of Directors Award. The award is presented annually by the community’s HOA board to a Keystone team member who consistently demonstrates exemplary leadership and dedication to the community, going above and beyond to excel in their role as a vital Keystone team member.

Ocean Hills Country Club is an active, master-planned, 55+ community located in Oceanside, California. It boasts nine sports courts, a pool and spa, bocce ball, pickleball, a clubhouse, and numerous social clubs, in addition to an RV lot and private golf course. The property encompasses eight sub-associations with an onsite General Manager leading a dedicated team to assist homeowners with the full spectrum of resident requirements.

The Keystone community management team works closely with the board of directors to ensure the association operates effectively and efficiently. Blanca’s contributions have proven to be instrumental in the Keystone management team’s efforts in achieving those goals.

The “face” of the community

As a Senior Administrative Assistant, Blanca’s primary role is the Executive Assistant to the General Manager. She serves as the General Manager’s deputy and liaison to the Board of Directors. In addition to her primary role, Blanca promotes team building, mentoring, and professional development within the onsite Keystone community management team. Although no two days look alike, Blanca’s day-to-day operations include:

  • Coordinate all aspects of the Board of Director’s business
  • Assist and coordinate logistical and administrative aspects related to multiple committees
  • Process development and improvement
  • Systems integration and modernization
  • Team member cross training

Blanca values building relationships among homeowners and ensuring they feel supported, stating “Personally, I love making connections. I like to introduce myself and ask how I can be of service. Homeowners are often looking for guidance and I want to make our community members feel as welcome as I can.”

Prior to Keystone, Blanca was employed at an automotive dealership, where she advanced from a receptionist to eventually being promoted to the executive assistant to the C-suite. Blanca continued to cultivate customer relationships within her new role. She believes learning the various roles and developing an understanding of how each role contributes to the overall team effort allows for a wider depth and breadth of knowledge, resulting in a higher quality of service.

Guided by a Purpose to Serve

Blanca’s work ethic combined with an innate drive to help people makes her perfectly suited for her position. She credits her upbringing and volunteer work from a young age as a guiding force on her journey. However, as with any role, there are challenges to overcome, or as Blanca classifies challenges as “opportunities”. Blanca says the most common “opportunities” she’s faced with are requests that aren’t within her authorization to approve or the scope of the CC&Rs.

Though it’s difficult not to be able to simply say “yes” to every request, Blanca provides the necessary information and assistance in accordance with the community’s regulations. And she is confident in knowing that she can rely on the support of the Keystone team to help her employ the numerous resources available to deliver solutions. Blanca is humbled by the award and acknowledges that any recognition she receives is shared by the entire Keystone team.

Blanca values genuine connections and begins each day with what she calls a “pep walk” to greet the onsite team members and ask where she can be of most assistance. Guided by her personal motto of “My best can always be better,” it’s no surprise that Blanca was selected as the 2022 Ocean Hills Country Club – Board of Directors Award recipient. The entire Keystone team is thrilled to give her the spotlight she deserves.

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