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Keystone Continues Its History of Community Excellence with 13 CAI-OCEC Nominations

HOA management companies and association boards of directors share one common purpose: to protect property values and build a stronger sense of community. A community thrives as the result of impactful individual contributions working collectively toward these objectives. This includes maintaining industry best practices while also staying up-to-date with what’s currently trending in the world today and understanding when changes are needed.

At Keystone, we have the knowledge, experience, and technology to equip HOA boards with what they need to serve their communities exceptionally well. In addition, we believe it’s the level of commitment to excellence that our team exudes that makes an impactful difference. Guided by our company’s vision and mission, our goal is to improve people’s lives beyond expectations and, in partnership with each client, we are empowered to provide tailored solutions to enhance property values and treat every community like it is our own.

This ethos aligns with the values of the Community Associations Institute (CAI), which is the only national organization dedicated to “fostering vibrant, responsive, competent community associations” with a mission to “assist community associations in promoting harmony, community, and responsible leadership and giving board members, managers, and homeowners the knowledge to better run their associations.”

Each year, CAI recognizes members with a profound dedication to their communities who have made a significant contribution to the industry. This year, we’re happy to recognize the 13 Keystone team members who were nominated for the 2021 CAI Orange County Excellence in Community (OCEC) Awards.

Nominees for Individual Outstanding Award

Presented to an individual who has contributed outstanding service and dedication on a committee or board working to assist the entire Chapter in achieving its goals for the year.

  • Antonia Vizcarra
  • Carly Hoffman
  • Kara Foley

Nominees for Manager of the Year Award – Rookie (0-2 years of service)

Presented to community managers who have exhibited and supported the value of education and ethics and have shown dedication to the industry, their company, and clients.

  • Bryanna Chrisp
  • Jacob Bryant
  • Sarah Purrington

Nominees for Portfolio Manager of the Year Award – Veteran (3+ years of service)

  • Andrea Juarez
  • DeLawrence Roby
  • Elizabeth Reed
  • Sarah Karlovic
  • Sharon Rocco

Onsite Manager of the Year – Veteran

  • Kara Foley

Committee of The Year

Presented to a Committee whose contributions have been outstanding and benefiting the Chapter.  They must demonstrate teamwork and the ability to accomplish their given task.

  • Valeria Bonales Co-Chair – Membership Committee

Additionally, Keystone wishes to congratulate our board member clients for their nominations for notable contributions to their community associations.

Board Member of the Year – Veteran

Presented to a community association board member who has made significant contributions to the association and promotes a sense of community.

  • Marcy Kessler, Montserrat HOA
  • Renee Polk Johnson, The Bluffs HOA

Empowering Communities to Reconnect Through an Engaged Association Management Team

Driven by the CAI mission and our unique Keystone values, the goal of our association management team is to empower communities to reconnect. We implement HOA management tools to streamline processes and create efficiencies, but it’s the people that give power to what we do. Through consistent engagement and education, our purpose is to elevate those we work with and proactively provide solutions.

The OCEC Awards Banquet takes place on March 5th, 2022 where winners will be announced. Keystone wishes our team and board member nominees the best of luck and applauds their accomplishments recognizing the behind-the-scenes effort it takes to exceed expectations. We appreciate your incredible commitment!

Interested in being part of a winning team? We’re always on the lookout for talented people ready to help us deliver exceptional client experiences. Browse our current association management openings at Keystone and submit your resume today.

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