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Exploring the Ins and Outs of Onsite Management

Not all communities are created equally and in comparison, not all community management companies are created equally either. Some associations, whether it be due to size, abundant amenity sets, or an expectation of high-level customer service, require a management solution that only a few association management companies are capable of offering. Being equipped with a Large Scale Community Management Division allows Keystone to be one of the few association management companies in Southern California to answer such a call.

To gain a deeper understanding of the nuance involved in running large-scale and onsite association management operations, we consulted two of Keystone’s very own onsite General Managers, Marty Ignacio and Susan Seifen. Through their expertise, we found the keys to success. Those keys not only address the operational complexities in running large scale communities but contribute to ensuring their associations’ property values and building engagement amongst its members. In the end, Marty and Susan were very clear in letting us know what it takes to make their communities a special place to call home.

Support from Keystone

The first component in being able to provide an exceptional product in both service and product is having the proper support in place. At Keystone, general managers and their onsite teams are not left on an island. Rather, multiple departments assist with behind-the-scenes services enabling the onsite team to deliver on services needed at the property itself.

Such departments include:

  • Accounting – Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Monthly Financial and Annual Budget Preparation
  • In House IT – Website, Member and Board Portal, E-Communication, Mobile App
  • Human Resources

Maintaining a Keen Eye for Detail

As an integral part of the community, onsite general managers hold themselves to a higher caliber and maintain a keen eye for detail to ensure they are aligning with the same vision as homeowners and board members. They are more likely to notice something out of place when performing inspections, can quickly spot areas that may need maintenance, or identify homes that are in violation.

Embedding themselves in the community gives an onsite general manager a unique perspective that is more closely related to that of a homeowner. It is a perspective of pride driven by an entrepreneurial spirit focused on advocating the betterment of the association. In turn, this attention to detail contributes toward the overall upkeep and preservation of the community, thereby ensuring property values for years to come.

Fostering Relationships and Creating Engagement

Onsite general managers set the tone for their communities with every interaction to foster relationships. They possess strong interpersonal skills and must be comfortable with daily interactions to forge genuine connections. Whether in writing via the newsletter, on the phone, or in person, they set the foundation.

Engaging association members can be achieved in several ways, such as setting up in-office boards showcasing dogs in the community, forming committees to encourage participation, creating clubs specific to community interests, and hosting seasonal events to bring people together. It is also important to understand the faces of a community may change over time, which means general managers must know how to adapt and keep their messaging and programming relevant to the current membership.

In the end, onsite management provides an added layer of service and care. The HOA office serves as the core of the neighborhood and requires that a high-touch, high level of attention be delivered to the membership. And in all cases, really, it’s the people that make up a community. From the management team, board members, homeowners, and service partners, everyone plays a part in a community’s success; it’s just our job to make sure it all comes together.

At Keystone, we’re focused on preserving the value of our communities. Learn how our association management team can support you. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

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