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A Head Start on the Future: Taking HOA Management to the Next Level

2019 has already kicked off many exciting developments for us here at Keystone. We’re continuing to advance the capabilities and expectations of property management throughout Southern California and our brand and staff reflect our ongoing commitment to excellence.

“As leaders in Orange County and San Diego HOA management, we’re never satisfied with the status quo,” explains Chief Marketing Officer Joe Winkler. “The evolution of our brand is reflected in our refreshed visual identity, development of HOA-centric tech solutions, and ongoing push to ensure that every member of our management team delivers top-notch, customer-focused HOA management service.”

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the changes we’re making to continue to make life easier for homeowners while also advancing the field of HOA management throughout Southern California.


Hello, Keystone

A company’s name says a lot about the organization. It’s important to us that our name reflects the accessibility and approachability of our staff, so we are shortening our wordmark from “Keystone Pacific Property Management LLC” to simply “Keystone”. The new name is less cumbersome to say but still retains the reputation we’ve worked hard to earn over the years. With the help of Orange County branding agency Passport Brand Design, we’ll be rolling out our new look in external and internal tools and communications in the coming weeks.

Using technology to elevate the HOA experience

In a world where everything continues to get easier and easier, we asked ourselves: why does HOA management seem stuck in the past? We examined the HOA experience from the homeowner’s perspective, looking carefully at ways to make things more accessible.

While other HOA management companies might double down on technology development, we believe that even the best technology can never replace great people. Instead, we use technology to enhance the experience of living in an HOA. Keystone is in the process of developing exciting new tools to help managers, HOA boards, and members interact more seamlessly. Look for our release of user-friendly HOA management tools in the future.

Finding the right fit

Our hiring practice plays a major role in what sets us apart. Beyond simply matching an experienced manager with an HOA, we’re devoted to finding the right fit between manager and community. We use proven tools to uncover each manager’s strengths and pair them with a community that can benefit from their unique skills and experience for the long-term. Using personality assessment tools and detailed interviews, we get to know each candidate deeply before we even consider which HOA would be the perfect fit. By taking the extra time to perform personality evaluations — in addition to checking credentials, references and experience — we pair managers with communities that benefit both the community’s success and the manager’s career trajectory.

More than a job

To us, “community manager” is more than a job—it’s a lifelong profession. In order to make sure that Keystone managers stay at the top of their game, one of the centerpieces of our professional process

is ongoing education. We help our managers continue to achieve higher and higher levels of accreditation from industry associations like the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and others. Ongoing internal training, support teams, industry education, and networking with other management professionals ensures that our managers keep up with the latest legislation, best practices, technologies and tools that facilitate successful community management for homeowners and HOA boards. Even though our staff possesses the highest concentration of PCAM certified managers in Southern California, we continue to prioritize a “never stop learning” mentality that benefits both our managers and the HOAs with whom we work.

Look for the above changes and more throughout 2019 and beyond. Winkler sums it up by saying, “HOA management is never static. Each day brings new industry challenges. Our staff will continue to apply their experience, expertise, and creativity to determine smarter, faster, more efficient ways to help HOAs increase property values and build a stronger sense of community. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Have questions about how Keystone can help your community thrive? Contact our expert HOA managers and let’s get to work.

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