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A COVID-19 Poem

The situation surrounding COVID-19 has caused some major changes for all of us, but one thing remains ever-present: we all have a desire to connect to one another. One of Keystone’s Team Members, Jacquelyn Barlow, was inspired to create that connection through poetry. We’re proud to have great people like Jacquelyn at Keystone, and would like to recognize her creativity. Her poem resonates with what many of us are experiencing right now, so we’re sharing it with the world. Enjoy!

Wash your hands,

Don’t go out,

Wear a mask is what,

It’s all about.

As we gathered our things,

To head for the door,

We did not know when,

There would be more.

Late at night the text came through,

We’d be working at home,

Until COVID-19 was through.

We gathered our thoughts,

And developed a plan,

IT sprung into action,

To put a laptop in our hand.

We went straight to work in our home,

Setting up an area away from the norm.

We click and clack on the keyboard,

As the clock ticks away,

To answer emails and homeowner’s matters,

By the end of the day.

The hustle has increased and creative we all got,

For we all wear capes,

To help us stay on top.

We meet via Zoom,

To see one another.

Helping out board members with seeing each other,

We hold Board meetings via computer or phone.

Our intent is to move forward while staying in the zone.

We complete each task,

Solo for now.

For Covid-19 will not,

Keep us from making,

Them go “Wow”.

Although apart, We have become one.

Helping each other out,

As we circle the sun.

Together soon we’ll be,

Working side by side you’ll see.

The office again full of laughter and chatter,

Steadily forgetting whatever was the matter.

Stay strong and stay healthy and keep persevering,

Our teamwork will help us through all we are missing.

Do HOA better.

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