5 Ways You Can Help Your HOA

Your community’s HOA is not just tasked with enforcing parking notices and trashcan warnings.

Your homeowners association provides a very serious function: to protect the multi-million-dollar asset that is your community. Your HOA board is comprised of volunteers who share the responsibility of ensuring that decisions and operations are in the best interest of your community and preserving your long-term property value.

You can have a tremendous impact on how your HOA is managed. We find that communities with engaged and involved community members tend to run more smoothly than those with strained communication or limited resident involvement. It’s in your best interest to ask yourself not what your homeowners association can do for you, but what you can do for your HOA.

  1. Volunteer for your HOA board of directors.

Participation in the leadership process is the fastest way to make the biggest difference. By running for a seat on your HOA’s board of directors, you have the chance to impact first-hand the way your community operates. Your involvement will directly affect policies, procedures, rules & regulations and community lifestyle guidelines that will ultimately preserve property values for yourself and your neighbors.

  1. Sign up for a community committee.

Though you might not be able to commit yourself to full board membership, you can still help with HOA management decisions in an area that interests you. Most boards have smaller committees for things like landscaping decisions, rule enforcement and architectural control. Pick a subject you’re passionate about and bring your time and expertise to the table.

  1. Establish a social committee.

Not every HOA has a social committee but the ones who do experience more tight-knit communities. If you’re the party-planning type, establish a social committee to build community goodwill by organizing movie nights, block parties, potlucks, youth sporting events and other social gatherings. Bringing neighbors together fosters a sense of satisfaction and community spirit that endures long after the event ends.

  1. Communicate frequently and proactively.

Too often we see minor issues unnecessarily escalate into full-blown problems due to insufficient communication. If you have questions about a regulation, ruling or other decision made by your HOA board, don’t jump to conclusions– just ask! Attend a board meeting to give your input or voice your concerns. HOA boards always value input from community members; otherwise, they simply act however they believe is the best interest of the community. If attending a board meeting isn’t possible, write a letter expressing your questions and concerns. Alternatively, contact your property management company. They can provide you with explanations and other HOA management resources that will make you feel informed and empowered.

  1. Respect the rules your HOA has established.

This might seem like a no-brainer but by following the rules and setting a good example for your neighbors, you maintain your community’s high standard of living. Rules, regulations and other policies are in place for everyone’s benefit. Refresh your memory by reading your community’s rules & regulations, which you can obtain by visiting your community’s website or requesting a copy from your property management company. By adhering to the rules, you demonstrate your respect for your neighbors, HOA board, and yourself.

If you would like to increase your involvement in your community or homeowners association, contact us today and we’ll gladly share more information and tips to help you participate more fully. Or share below all the ways you have personally become more active in your community.

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways You Can Help Your HOA

  1. Tobias Armstrong

    I really like the tip to communicate with your HOA frequently and proactively. I’ve seen a lot of minor issues get a lot bigger because nobody wanted to talk to each other about them, when I think they could have been solved fairly easily if people had been more proactive. Trying to get your voice heard and your input out there is a great way to get to know people too, and that never hurt anyone in an HOA. Thanks for the great advice!

  2. Bonnie Jordan

    We have alot of people post their comments, good and bad, on a website, Friends of Temecula Lane. How can we get people to go to master board meetings to discuss problems rather than create new ones?

    1. keystone-pacific

      Since every community is unique, there isn’t one answer for how to get homeowners to participate or attend the meetings. In the past, we found it helpful to offer examples of how the Board has been able to find solutions and encourage your commenters to utilize the Board Meetings as a means to resolve the issues. In many cases, homeowners aren’t aware that they can attend the master Board meetings.

  3. Georgia B

    I’m so glad you mention volunteering for the HOA board of directors! It’s easy to get caught up in talking about things you would change without realizing that you can actually make a difference. Taking matters into your own hands by volunteering would help your HOA have more input to base decisions off of.


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