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How Property Inspections Affect Property Values

At Keystone Pacific Property Management, we want to ensure that your community is a place you would like to come home to, today and well into the future. We take our role as providers of both off-site and on-site community management seriously. During our regular property inspections, we have a single purpose in mind: to maintain or increase your property value. By outlining our motivations and processes below, we hope you’ll better understand the role property inspections play in protecting your valuable investment.

Details Are Critical

As part of our community management process, we aim to identify necessary repairs or equipment updates right away, in order to avoid inconveniencing you or resulting in more costly or serious fixes down the road. Here are the main areas we review:

  • Safety issues that could lead to injury or liability
  • General maintenance, including properly functioning pools, fountains, lighting fixtures, and electric gates
  • Sports facilities and common area cleanliness and safety
  • Landscaping in need of trimming, replacement, or pest control
  • Homes that violate the community association regulations

The Importance of Aesthetics

Simply put, aesthetics matter. A neighborhood that looks good has higher resale values attract a higher caliber of buyer. Peeling paint, shabby fences, and battered garage doors reduce property values for all the homes in the area. Neighborhoods with cohesive color schemes, attractive driveways and uncluttered lawns promote an upscale image that has a direct impact on each home’s value.

Long-Term Value Added

Though your home might not currently be on the market, maintaining high property values within your community is still important. For starters, it’s a courtesy to your neighbors who are selling their homes. Secondly, homes with higher property values attract more desirable buyers, which generally leads to safer, more peaceful neighborhoods. Lastly, your home’s increased equity can impact other areas of your life including refinancing, credit lines, and loan collateral.

Frequent Inspections Identify Problems Early

Though many community managers limit their property inspection to once per month, we conduct twice-monthly inspections. This enables us to catch issues early on so they can be remedied before they become serious problems. Inspecting communities often also allows us to become intimately familiar with your community so issues are immediately apparent.

Understanding Citations

We issue citations and courtesy notices to remind residents about a range of issues, from forgotten curbside trashcans to necessary aesthetic fixes. Our aim is to strike a balance between the needs of the community and the needs of individual residents, in order to promote increased property values which benefit everyone. We find that addressing issues right away acts as a helpful reminder for small things and provides sufficient notice for residents to make larger changes. If you have questions about a notice or citation you have received, contact Keystone Pacific or your community association management board to discuss.

Courtesy and Mutual Respect Is Key

We treat all residents with respect and understanding during the inspection process.

We customize our communications to each community to ensure that even when faced with an inspection violation, community members understand why they are receiving a notice and feel confident that their needs are heard and recognized.

Keep In Touch

If you have any questions about property inspections or would like to report an issue on your property or with a common space, please contact us right away, via phone or email. If we’re not available to answer your inquiry immediately, your message will be returned within 24 hours.

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