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Tips to Prepare Your Association for Summer

Summertime is fast approaching, and so are all the joys of having fun under the Southern California sun. Thanks to the warm weather and clear skies, summer is the perfect season to make major headway on HOA management projects. Make sure you’re prepared to make your summer the most productive possible with these expert tips.

Evaluate your landscaping

Your landscaping is your community’s biggest asset to help maintain property values–make sure it looks great in the summer. In light of current water restrictions across Southern California, mid- to late spring is the perfect time to meet with your landscape contractor to discuss your association’s water use in common area landscaping.

Here are some helpful topics to discuss with your landscaper:

  • Evaluate your irrigation system as a whole, including sprinkler heads, sensors, pipes and other infrastructure. If yours is an aging system that was installed when there were fewer water restrictions in place, it’s probably not the most efficient and might require an overhaul.
  • Discuss advancements in smart water use technology and evaluate whether these are smart investments for your community.
  • Consider replacing old turf with water-wise plants or native California shrubs.


If you decide to look for a contractor to re-plant landscaping or replace your irrigation system, ask your homeowners association management company to help you obtain and evaluate contractor bids.

Clear the calendar for major maintenance projects

Improvements like new paint, woodwork, roofing, or street repaving proceed faster during the summer and fall. Wet materials dry quicker and there are fewer scheduling conflicts with blue skies every day. Start planning early to evaluate your reserve study, making sure you have sufficient funds to complete big budget projects during the summertime. Not preparing ahead of time can push your entire schedule to later in the year–and expose your projects to unpredictable seasonal weather that can cause delays.

Make sure amenities are ready for use

Pools, spas, BBQs and outdoor common areas are utilized more often by residents during the summer. Make sure that these areas are safe and functioning properly, including ensuring that all signage is legal and up to date. Ask the manager from your homeowners association management company to help you identify the rules & regulations that your board should review and make updates if necessary so wording aligns with how residents should be using common areas.

Plan community-building events

Summer months are the perfect time to plan events that encourage residents to get out of their houses and mingle with neighbors. Potlucks, outdoor movie screenings, community talent shows and dances are all memorable bonding experiences. If you are a board member, use these opportunities to introduce yourselves to residents and answer questions. Your HOA management company can help organize events and facilitate communications push to invite the membership.

Summer is the season when Southern California HOAs truly have a chance to shine. As outdoor spaces get used more frequently, encourage residents to be considerate of one another and thoughtful about using shared amenities. Remind residents to submit work orders to the property manager if anything is out of place or requires repair. Finally, remember to take plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself.

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