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Keystone Spotlight: Trina Alexander

Nurturing relationships is a crucial part of helping HOAs build better communities, and standout community manager Trina Alexander knows how to do just that.

With eight properties to serve and guide, all of which she has supported for 4-5 years each, to say Trina stays busy is an understatement. Good thing she thrives in such an environment. Now headed into her seventh year as a Keystone community manager, she exemplifies the “moments that matter” homeowners and board members have come to expect and appreciate.

A Twist of Fate Turns Into a Lifelong Career

Trina’s role as community manager is one shaped by a history of HOA knowledge and nurturing collaborative relationships within communities. Her transition into HOA management started over a decade ago.

As a retail worker on the hunt for a new apartment of her own, she stumbled upon a job opportunity and eventually, new career. The apartment manager showing her the unit was so impressed with how much Trina knew about construction – as well as her engaging personality – she was offered a position on the spot. A new home and a new job all wrapped into one.

From there, she went on to work at two other HOA management companies, though initially had a desire to go into law enforcement. While, on the surface, a HOA community manager and a police officer don’t have much in common, Trina says, “My role fulfills my the adrenaline rush of putting out fires, so to speak. When there’s an escalated call, it’s rewarding to turn a frustrated homeowner into a happy one.”

It’s clear that no matter what a job entails, Trina is ready to bring her knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to the table. But as far as looking beyond Keystone for her next role, she plans to stay put for the long haul. “I’m with Keystone until the end,” she says. “I’m not going anywhere.”

A Detailed and Determined Approach to HOA Management

Trina relies on her detail-oriented, meticulous approach – plus, a paper calendar task list – to ensure nothing is missed when supporting her HOAs and Keystone team. She credits having a fantastic district manager and receiving help with budgets from a great accounting team as part of the overall internal support she receives.

She calls her time at Keystone one of the best work environments of her life and says, “It helps to work with people you like. When you feel like others have your back, it empowers you to work that much harder.”

As for anyone new coming into a community manager role, she advises not to “let turkeys bring you down,” paraphrasing a quote from a Kathy comic mug she remembers her mom used growing up.

She goes on to say, it’s best to “keep a stiff upper lip” and not to take anything too personally. When a homeowner is upset, you don’t always know all that’s going on at the other end of the line. The job is to be of service and provide solutions no matter what the problem may be.

Building cohesive relationships with homeowners and board members is valuable, and when there is trust and thankfulness built in, it makes for a better experience overall.

Exploration and Enthusiasm in the Everyday

Even outside of her work at Keystone, Trina likes to explore and create connections. She loves the adventure of a road trip, just getting in the car and seeing where she needs up. That includes short travels to her favorite brewery with her husband and extended trips to Missouri where she can appreciate small town living with her in-laws.

Family game nights with her husband and children are also on the fun-time agenda, and she recently joined the board at The Phoenix Club in Anaheim, which is focused on preserving German culture, customs, and language. Her active presence in her home life and local community bolsters the welcoming, enthusiastic spirit she provides every HOA she works with.

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