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Keystone Spotlight: Soniroth Khorn

“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service.

Successful HOA management requires involvement from an entire team of people in the management company’s office who may never set foot in the community, but whose contributions are essential. Staff Accountant Soniroth Khorn is one of those invaluable “behind the scenes” team members who dedicates her day to supporting HOAs.

Keystone’s accounting department is responsible for multiple tasks that contribute to the successful running of an association, from A/P and A/R to assistance in long-term reserves and financial planning. As a member of this crucial team, Soniroth handles all of her individual responsibilities with a smile.

Skills for Success

Soniroth started in a temporary position at Keystone in the last quarter of 2019, quickly transitioning into a full-time staff role in January of 2020. As an A/R Specialist without any prior experience in HOA management, her professional background as an e-commerce customer service rep prepared her for the challenges ahead.

“If a homeowner is contacting our A/R department, they’re likely facing a challenge,” explains Jared Jones, Keystone’s Chief Financial Officer. “Soniroth has the patience, empathy, and positive attitude to turn around a difficult call quickly.”

Soniroth credits her customer service experience for preparing her to assist homeowners during emotionally charged situations. “I knew that antagonistic phone calls weren’t directed toward me personally,” she says. “Homeowners can be frustrated with their situation, and it was my job to help them sort it out. That meant listening closely and remaining upbeat. When I did that, I could feel the other person’s attitude shift pretty quickly. They could sense that I was doing my best to help.”

Promotion to Staff Accountant

Soniroth quickly established herself as a valuable member of Keystone’s accounting team. Her quick turnaround of delinquency reports made her the go-to for association managers and boards. Managers began noticing her proactive approach and responsiveness, and it soon became apparent that Soniroth could contribute even more to the team’s success by transitioning into a new role as a Staff Accountant.

“As a Staff Accountant, my responsibilities have changed,” she explains. “In A/R, I was communicating with homeowners and association managers every day, answering calls and providing reports on receivables. Now I am evaluating income and expenses for the association overall, providing information to managers and auditors that becomes part of reserve studies and an association’s longer-term financial planning.”

A Supportive Environment

In addition to extensive training before beginning her new role, Soniroth credits the involvement of other Keystone team members as contributing to her success. “Because we all work in a tight group, we’re available to help one another. When we need information from someone else to complete a task, fast turnaround time is important. All the people I work with are willing to step in and answer a question right away, and I always do the same for them.”

The ability to solve issues quickly ­– or touch base to let a client or manager know she has received their request – is an integral part of smooth teamwork, something Soniroth takes seriously. “Whether or not I have the answer at my fingertips, I never want to waste anyone’s time. So, I try my best to make sure things are resolved in a timely manner.”

A Deeper Level of Care

Whether answering homeowner questions or providing financial statements for managers and auditors, Soniroth recognizes the connection between her work and its ultimate effect. She says, “Working in HOA management requires a deeper level of care than may be necessary for other industries. After all, these are people’s homes. It’s serious stuff. It’s important to me that everyone I work with knows I am listening, and I am committed to helping them get what they need.”

Thanks for your positive outlook and proactive attitude, Soniroth! From the entire team at Keystone, we’re proud of how far you’ve come so fast, and we’re looking forward to all the milestones you’ll conquer next.

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