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Keystone Spotlight: Mike Hunsche

Keystone builds upon its desire to transform HOA management with one simple idea: good people backed by good tech that offers clever community management tools to provide real solutions in real time. To further the pursuit of bolstering digital transformation, Keystone has recently hired Mike Hunsche to join the team in the newly added Chief Information Officer role.

With Mike at the helm offering solid leadership, innovation, and the strategic use of technology, he will ensure the company can continue to deliver on making significant improvements to the digital experience. His addition to the IT department increases its already high level of expertise in order to best link clients’ and team members’ user experience to the tools and technology used within the company on a daily basis.

“Mike will add significant value in driving our overall vision to our IT systems and providing insight as to how to implement a digital transformation for Keystone to bring our customer experience vision to life through technology,” said Keystone President, Joe Winkler. “With Mike on board, we can continue to enhance our digital experience in Keystone’s corporate and regional offices throughout the western United States for both the clients we serve as well as our team members.”

Leader in global information technology

Mike earned his Bachelor of Applied Science from Purdue University and began his career in the technology industry shortly thereafter as a Data Architect and Database Administrator. With 35 years of information technology experience under his belt, he has served as CIO / CTO for several well-known companies such as Arbonne, Autobytel, Freedom Communications, Disney, American Apparel, and True Religion. During his career, he has led teams in building IT infrastructures, major platform conversions, digital transformations, and online security.

Mike will draw upon his decades of global information technology experience to guide the digital experiences for the company and the homeowner associations they serve. He appreciates Keystone’s heightened focus on elevating the online customer experience to match his history of corporate digital transformations. In the CIO role, his goal is to implement intuitive and universal online systems across all divisions that will improve the lives of our users beyond expectation.

Though technology is a valuable component of HOA management, it’s the people-focused approach that allows it to be used and customized in ways that make life easier for the board and members alike. It’s important for Keystone team members to have the technical capabilities to streamline solutions to create new opportunities, but also be enabled to exhibit their personal characteristics which will help make meaningful connections. Mike’s exposure to multiple environments and deepened understanding of the importance to pave an intersection where great people meet great technology is compulsory in Keystone’s ability to marry these notions and deliver a heightened customer experience. His unique ability to do so is just a portion of the value Mike brings to the table.

Keystone is excited to have Mike spearhead the company’s technological growth and create new opportunities to support our managers and their communities. Interested in a rewarding career in HOA management? Browse our recent job opportunities and submit your resume today.

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