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Keystone Spotlight: Laura Van Hill

“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service.

HOA management is a mix of interwoven parts in perpetual motion. It involves interacting with association members and board members, listening closely to their objectives and concerns, then determining priorities and crafting a plan to help them accomplish goals in the most efficient way possible.

Interestingly, the management process in place behind our property management services isn’t all that different. This is where our stellar HR team shines. Laura Van Hill joined Keystone Pacific as a Human Resources Manager less than a year ago, but she has already hit the ground running.

Giving back to the community

Laura recognizes the value of involving enthusiastic Keystone Pacific employees in staff events that have a positive impact on the community. She took the lead on Keystone Pacific Gives Back – a community involvement initiative that further brings to life our vision of “Improving people’s lives beyond expectations.”

Laura’s first event was a smashing success. Partnering with the American Heart Association, she coordinated employee participation in the Heart & Stroke Walk at Angel Stadium, a 5k walk to promote awareness and raise funds for cardiac health.

“It was so satisfying to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as we spent the day together as a team to make a difference for others,” says Laura.

The success of the Heart & Stroke Walk has paved the way for additional upcoming initiatives, including a day of service with Working Wardrobes, a nonprofit organization that changes lives by providing workforce readiness services, and a beach cleanup with Surfrider Foundation.

Quality customer service extends to everyone

When dealing with sensitive situations, exchanges can get emotional. Laura’s calm professionalism and neutral demeanor always set the tone for productive dialog. This is where her strong customer-centric mentality shines, reinforcing the client-first focus that is part of our company DNA.

“Our HR team has a passion for serving others,” explains her supervisor, Vice President of Human Resources Maria Patrick. “We believe that HR is a service industry. This is why we strive to return emails and phone calls quickly and always aim to understand the full context when we receive questions and inquiries. Laura, along with the rest of our HR department, treats our staff with the same level of involvement and attention that we as an organization apply to our HOA management clients.”

Conquering the mountain of paperwork

“Laura brings so many new ideas to the table about how to support our entire team,” continues Ms. Patrick. “With over 200 employees on staff, juggling priorities is just part of the job. Laura is great at determining what takes priority and how to get every job done efficiently.”

200+ employees means 200+ open enrollment forms, 200+ benefits packages…and a seemingly never-ending stream of paperwork that is part of onboarding and recordkeeping for such a large staff. Laura handles it all with grace. She has already begun to implement solutions that make the process easier for employees and our human resources department.

“I have worked in HR for many years,” Laura explains. “I’ve seen companies that struggle under mounds of unnecessary paperwork. It becomes a challenge for everyone – not just staff, but new employees, too. I made a few suggestions and was thrilled when company leadership saw the value of streamlining the process.”

Laura’s adjustments to the onboarding process have helped new hires complete paperwork more quickly, freeing them up to focus on training. She also improved the workflow for sharing company policies and procedures, outlining company philosophy including our mission, vision and values, and meeting other staff members. These changes help recently-hired staff get situated more quickly as they navigate their new professional environment.

Thanks for being such a driving force in our HR department, Laura. We’re looking forward to seeing your bright future with Keystone Pacific unfold.

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