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Keystone Spotlight: Haley Jamar

“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service.

“Going above and beyond” for our clients is part of what sets us apart from other HOA management companies. More than just a catchphrase, it’s what drives our actions as we strive to provide superior service for our HOA clients across San Diego, Orange County and the Inland Empire.

One Keystone team member who exemplifies this idea in everything she does: Keystone Architectural Coordinator Haley Jamar. Haley’s career in HOA management has followed a steady upward trajectory since she joined our team over four years ago. In her former position as a Copy Center Lead, Haley was often tasked with duplicating and mailing thousands of documents to homeowners, often under tight deadlines.

“Haley quickly built a reputation as rock solid, dependable team member,” explains Keystone Marketing Communications Manager, Alex Lucht. “Even with a time crunch, Haley would always figure out how to get the job done.”

Haley’s professional reputation garnered lots of positive attention, and she soon moved into Keystone’s Architectural Department, helping homeowners navigate the process of obtaining HOA approval to update their home’s exterior or yard.

Now, Haley assists homeowners in 100+ Keystone-managed Inland Empire communities, primarily in the Ontario and Temecula regions. Her expertise spans the entire scope of exterior upgrades, including doors, windows, gates, fences, pools, spas, solar panels, yard updates, full yard installation and more.

As the liaison between the homeowner and their HOA, Haley is tasked with making sure members have submitted all appropriate documentation to facilitate a final decision from the HOA’s board of directors or architectural sub-committee. “One of the common homeowner misconceptions is thinking Keystone’s Architectural Coordinators review and approve applications. In reality, the HOA is always responsible for approving plans. My role is to help both homeowners and the architectural committee make sure they have what they need,” explains Haley.

Because this process is a first for many homeowners,  Haley is tasked with answering lots of questions, which is where her extensive knowledge of approved paint colors, landscaping and hardscaping materials, spacing requirements and many other details make her a valuable resource.

That said, one of the most common questions she receives from homeowners is, “How long until we receive approval?” Because the rules for architectural applications vary by community, Haley outlines the specific process for homeowners in their particular community.

“I know homeowners are anxious to get their projects underway, and I am excited for them to get started, too,” she explains. “However, some HOAs have 30-day review periods, while others may take longer. By law, the process cannot be skipped or rushed. But what I can do is make sure homeowners have presented detailed plans and checked all the boxes that conform to their community’s specific architectural requirements. This gives them the best shot at obtaining an approval as soon as possible.”

In the instances where the application receives a partial approval, Haley is quick to jump in and help homeowners make the necessary adjustments to satisfy the HOA’s requirements.

Inherent friendliness and responsiveness are two important traits that make Haley excellent at her job. Navigating the architectural approvals process can frustrate homeowners and Haley’s empathy shines through in all her interactions. “I understand homeowners aren’t sure how the whole process works, so I make sure to respond as quickly as possible, letting them know their request is important. I always strive to be understanding and assist them as much as I can. Smiling on the phone definitely helps,” she says.

“There are lots of other traits that make Haley stand out,” says Anthony Pesota, Keystone Architectural & Project Coordination Manager and Haley’s direct supervisor. “Being organized is key and Haley is meticulous. Every week we receive literally hundreds of requests and Haley pays close attention to what’s coming in and what’s going out, so nothing is ever lost in the shuffle. She’s also extremely detail-oriented, which helps when talking to homeowners about the nuances of each community. Finally, she’s got a thick skin, which is important when dealing with homeowners who become frustrated. She always responds patiently and has a reputation for turning difficult calls into positive interactions.”

For Haley, the best part of her job is receiving a signed Notice of Completion from the HOA’s Architectural Committee and seeing the finished product for herself. “I’m thrilled for homeowners when they finally complete a project they love. Seeing the project go from plans on a page to something tangible is exciting, and it’s satisfying to know I’ve been a part of turning their ideas into reality.” Her enthusiasm and dedication have earned her positive word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews.

As Haley continues to help homeowners renovate their homes and yards, we’re happy to continue supporting her as she advances her career. We know when it comes to Haley’s professional growth, the sky will be the limit.

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