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Keystone Spotlight: Christine Rodgers

“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service.

Relationships are at the center of every successful HOA management engagement. No one understands this better than Christine Rodgers, General Manager of Solera Oak Valley Greens, a gated community for active adults nestled between Redlands and Palm Springs that boasts nearly 1,300 single family homes.

Christine knows that a manager’s job is not just to support the community, but help foster strong relationships between association members, the board and the HOA management company, so that everyone is working toward the same goal. With this type of cooperative teamwork in place, a unique synergy emerges: a momentum that fuels successful communities well into the future. “It’s fascinating to see how, when people are deeply engaged and enthusiastic, individual contributions from many people who are not even in same location come together to form successful cohesive management.”

With 100 acres of common area landscape, 19 miles of private streets, state-of-the-art recreational facilities, bicycle groups and more, the robust association/manager relationship at Solera Oak Valley Greens is essential to implementing large-scale improvements. Evidence of this is apparent in two projects of particular significance to Christine and the community.

The first project is an ongoing grounds rehabilitation program to refresh and replace common area landscaping. “Working with the board and Common Area Committee has been a true joy,” explains Christine. “Residents of Solera Oak Valley Greens are deeply invested in the success of their community and their thoughtful decision-making has paid off.” By starting the process of converting sections of common area from turf to drought-resistant native landscaping and switching from spray irrigation to a drip system, the community is not only refreshing the look of their landscaping, but also significantly trimming their annual water budget.

Another project that reflects the visionary commitment of the association’s board and membership is the conversion of exterior lighting fixtures to solar. “It’s fantastic to provide support for a board that understands how important it is for the future of the community to make changes that will have a positive impact on the residents down the line,” says Christine.

Christine also works hard to support a strong sense of community among Solera Oak Valley Green’s residents. Every Veterans Day, the community organizes an observance for residents to recognize and honor Solera Oak Valley Greens’ military veterans. Last year, Christine and the Solera team encouraged the residents to participate in a way that was meaningful to them and make it “their” day. Residents converted the clubhouse into a memorial/museum, putting personal objects and memorabilia on display. The pop-up museum included stories from three different flight crews, veterans from Desert Storm, Iraq, and Desert Shield, a Navy veteran who rides with the Patriot Guard Riders, and a visit from 4 Paws 4 Patriots. Residents not only got to learn more about military history, they also got to know their servicemember neighbors. It was an overwhelming success.

Christine also provides support and organization to Concert on the Green, a popular outdoor concert series. These summertime music events take place two to three times throughout the season, bringing live bands to Solera Oak Valley Greens for residents to enjoy.  And “enjoy” they do—event attendance usually ranges from 300-400 per concert.

One of the traits that makes Christine so successful is her deep understanding that a manager is there to facilitate the board’s goals and offer guidance only when appropriate. This delicate balance between guidance and support can be a challenge for less experienced managers, but Christine’s level of expertise enables her to handle it all with ease.

Another stand-out characteristic is her ability to remain flexible in her handling of duties that are both repetitive and always changing. HOA management involves a list of day-to-day obligations that are augmented by new circumstances, challenges, and personalities that are inherent in any dynamic community. According to Christine, this type of change provides fresh learning opportunities, all while continuing to build strong relationships. “The relationships I have formed are what I enjoy most about my job,” she says. “I can confidently say that working relationships with board members, community residents and my coworkers at Keystone Pacific have evolved into true, lasting friendships.”

Christine demonstrates her dedication to the residents of Solera Oak Valley Greens with every interaction, aware that daily encounters with association members are a chance to show residents that she is there to help improve their community by bringing their goals to life. Christine’s direct supervisor, Vice President of Large-Scale Management Tim Taylor, sums it up succinctly, “Christine is great at what she does. She’s a great supervisor, a great manager and a genuinely great person.”

We think so, too. Thanks for all of your hard work, Christine. We look forward to continuing a long and successful working relationship with you. 

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