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Keystone Spotlight: Bryan Maxwell

In a continual effort to deliver optimal value, Keystone has introduced its new in-house forward planning services designed specifically for builders and developers, covering everything from the due diligence stage, through to the build-out of projects. Leading the charge is one of Keystone’s newest team members Bryan Maxwell, who’s taken on the role of Director of Forward Planning.

Backed by years of builder-focused, California Department of Real Estate (DRE) consulting experience, Bryan was able to hit the ground running in the fall of 2021 when the services first rolled out. He brings his consulting experience of working on over 125 projects of all scopes and sizes, from mixed-use urban high rises to master-planned communities, to the table.

With a dedication to customer service and a keen eye for detail, he intends to nurture long-term relationships by providing best-in-class consulting.

Laying the Foundation

Keystone’s forward planning services represent a full integration with management and accounting operations for new developments. Essentially, the goal is to drive the process of operations proactively rather than reactively when working with builders and developers through:

  • Consulting Services
  • Forward Planning Services
  • Department of Real Estate Budgeting Services
  • Ongoing Budgeting Services
  • Presentations and Training

Though Keystone has provided similar services through third-party vendors in the past, Bryan’s role is to join forces with Keystone’s Community Association Management team to create a concierge-style experience for clients.

Active in All Things DRE

The DRE is in place for consumer protection to ensure everything is being disclosed to the buyer and to help set future associations up for success. It reviews HOA estimates by phase, common areas they’re bonding for, and reviews all the documents reported to buyers. As an active member of the DRE Committee, as well as the Building Industry Association, this is a process Bryan is well-equipped to handle. Although, it’s his unique insight and approach which build a nice bridge and deliver a seamless transition when the project is ready to be handed off to the association management team.

Keystone’s DRE services can be fully integrated with its current capabilities or offered as a separate consulting project depending on the size and scope of the specific project. Either way, Bryan feels the offerings must be supported by a natural curiosity and attention to detail in order to ensure success for every builder, developer, and project he works with.

He says, “[With development], the devil’s in the details. It’s the little things that can hold you up. [Also, you need to have a] natural curiosity to try to improve a process and make things better to really commit to a customer experience. It’s about seeing people happy with the product you helped put out and knowing they’ve received a top-notch experience.”

Finishing What’s Been Started

Part of delivering on that top-notch experience is applying valuable lessons learned along the way. One of the key ones Bryan focuses on most is dependability. With timing a delicate measure and several balls up in the air all at once, even the smallest delay can deter the success of a project. When dealing with developments and deadlines, he feels being available for clients as an active part of the process from beginning to end is the rule, not the exception.

He goes on to share, “Personally, I value the ability to see a project truly from start to finish. Working with a builder or developer to help them realize their vision for the project and take it from a blank piece of land and turn it into a thriving community that people love to live in… that’s the goal.”

Right at Home in SoCal

This transition from a veteran DRE budget consultant to in-house Director of Forward Planning at Keystone keeps Bryan right where he wants to be. From earning an MBA from USC to serving as an Advisory Board Member for the Customer Experience Program at UC-Irvine, it’s safe to say Bryan feels right at home in Southern California. He credits the level of opportunity and all the new communities being built out as reasons why he enjoys living and working here so much.

It’s a place he values and is motivated by as he builds the DRE services division for Keystone. He says, “SoCal is such a hotbed for real estate and these developers are pushing the envelope with the types of communities, amenity packages, and the structure of HOAs being built. Here, you’re at the forefront of real estate and the HOA world. If you see something an association is doing, it’s likely it first started in Southern California.”

Want to learn more about our forward planning consulting? We’ve integrated our newest offering with our current association management services to create a seamless client experience. Contact us today to get the conversation started.


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