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Keystone Spotlight: Bradley Keil

“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service.

Bradley Keil sees it as his job to make homeowners feel special. As a Community Association Manager in Keystone Pacific’s New Project Development department, Brad oversees three communities within Orchard Hills, the picturesque master-planned community developed by Irvine Company. With deep roots in the Southern California community and a history of leadership on some of the region’s most significant development projects, Irvine Company maintains exacting standards of Keystone Pacific, and Brad has played a critical role in strengthening that relationship.

A significant part of Brad’s role is to ensure that the vision of Irvine Company is communicated and demonstrated to the membership–and that the needs of the members are relayed back to the developer. He understands that every homeowner brings a different history and set of expectations to HOA living.

“As the first point of contact in their new community, it’s important to make each homeowner feel welcome and to address each question and concern on an individualized basis,” Brad explains. “Many of these homeowners have lived in communities under HOA management before. Some have had a great experience; others, not so much. I let them know that one of the main priorities of their new HOA is to  maintain their property values through a well-organized, active and attentive homeowners association.”

Bradley acts as the bridge between the developer’s vision and the homeowner’s ultimate satisfaction. He accomplishes this through the personalized contact he maintains with the 1,300+ homeowners who live in the communities he manages.  “My name is in every letter and every piece of communication a new homeowner receives,” explains Brad. “I want to make sure that they know that there’s someone they can call for help in navigating the finishing touches related to moving into a brand-new home.”

Bradley credits his previous experience in industry-related fields for rounding out his understanding of the homeowner’s perspective. He started working with Keystone Pacific in 1996 as a Community Manager, staying through 1998, at which point he left to work at a law firm specializing in community association management. As the Director of Client Services/Marketing Director at the firm, Brad was exposed to many complex HOA management challenges: legal disputes, updates to governing documents, issues with cities and municipalities, and contentious neighbor-to-neighbor conflicts. From there, Brad spent 15 years managing details and deadlines at a commercial printing company. Brad’s return to Keystone Pacific in 2016 brought to his role a decade and a half of additional professional experience managing expectations.

“I would say that the most satisfying part of my job is the relationship-building that results from problem-solving,” he explains. “Sometimes homeowners come to me with really complex issues. It’s my job to solve these challenges in a way that will satisfy the homeowner and also remain compliant with the HOA rules and regulations and CC&Rs. With hard work and strong communication, I’m able to make sure everyone is on the same page.”

Brad also finds that the most enjoyable aspect of property management is recruiting homeowners to become more involved in their community. “I think it comes with my personality and all those years spent in outside sales. I’m comfortable introducing myself to homeowners and breaking the ice. I love finding ways to encourage them to become more involved with their HOA in order to build a strong, social community.”

As the communities in Orchard Hills continue to expand and new homes are added, we look forward to Bradley continuing to provide the warm, welcoming service for which he’s now become well-known.

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