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Keystone Continues HOA Management Expansion with New San Diego Office

Over the years, Keystone has grown from its original Orange County, CA office into new territories, including Colorado, Idaho, and most recently, San Diego, CA. With the goal to strategically expand and provide HOA management services to an increasing number of areas, heading south was the next logical step.

In 2023, Keystone opened its office doors to help San Diego County HOAs build better communities and breathe new life into association management. With the excitement and energy surrounding this latest opportunity, Darren Mandel, Regional Manager for the San Diego territory said, “Making the move has been tremendous. Growing so close to home (in Orange County) and expanding down south allows us to reach and connect with a larger client base.”

During the planning stages of the move, Chief Operating Officer Matt Williams underscored Keystone’s unwavering commitment to three core objectives. Firstly, our priority lies in seamlessly instilling the distinctive Keystone culture into our new office spaces, ensuring continuity and a sense of belonging for all team members.

Secondly, we are dedicated to establishing a robust support framework, aimed at assisting employees through every step of the relocation process. Lastly, we are prioritizing the integration of cutting-edge technology and tools to enhance efficiency and foster innovation within our evolving workspace.

These focal points symbolize our strategic approach, aimed at not just facilitating a move, but also fortifying Keystone’s foundation for sustained growth and success.

Instilling the Keystone culture

Each manager is different with their own management style, which means each community and board is different with their own set of protocols in place. At Keystone, it’s important that we create an environment for people which nurtures leadership, so they, in turn, can feel empowered to improve their property and community.

As part of the culture, every team member is called to fulfill the “moments that matter” for board members and homeowners which involve:

  • Responding with urgency
  • Making connections
  • Checking for quality
  • Closing the loop
  • Asking for and acting on feedback
  • Being a Keystone ambassador

Each of these is essential in building a positive and beneficial community experience for all. With this type of purposeful dedication, everyone is pointed toward a shared vision of HOA management success.

Establishing a reliable support structure

Supporting managers and all management teams in both offices requires incorporating the several support departments. Prior to becoming Regional Manager for the San Diego area, Darren worked with managers throughout the Inland Empire for five years. He is well-versed in what’s required to ensure the transition runs smoothly, which includes introducing new systems, such as architectural and insurance coordinator support, as well as assistance for accounts receivable.

Furthermore, Darren will provide comprehensive training to give managers what they need to thrive and succeed. As someone who started with Keystone in 2007 as an entry-level manager, he is able to understand the nuances the role requires and can bring his first-hand expertise and experience to helping others.

Enabling technology and tools for efficiency

As a team who is focused on exceeding expectations, the focus on innovation and finding solutions when anticipating people’s needs permeates throughout all Keystone communities. Our technology is part of what’s set us apart and allows us to deliver a better HOA experience.

In-house technologies like community websites and online account portals streamline processes, communication, and provide a path toward efficiency. With training and assistance to optimize the use of these tools, it creates more time for boards and HOA management teams to engage with the community and maintain high property values.

We build better communities and protect property investments by simplifying HOA management. Wherever our team heads to next, HOA boards and homeowners can rest assured they’ll receive the same exceptional Keystone experience.

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