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Holiday Decorations, HOAs, and Happy Homeowners

It’s the time of year when holiday decorations are hung and a festive spirit fills the air in communities across Southern California. Just because your community is governed by a homeowners association doesn’t mean that you can’t transform your house into a winter wonderland. Use these helpful tips for residents and HOA boards to brighten your season while staying in line with your community guidelines.

For Residents

Know your community’s rules and regulations regarding holiday decor. Contact your management company or HOA board and ask for specifics. Condo communities often have different regulations than neighborhoods filled with single-family homes, so be sure to check with your homeowners association or HOA management company before you buy that blow-up lawn Santa.

Set up and remove your decorations in a timely manner. Your community’s rules and regulations should be clear about holiday decoration set-up and removal deadlines. Though you might want to get a head-start on holiday decorating, be sure to check your community’s rules before you get started and make sure you remove that last light by your community’s cutoff date.

Don’t damage common areas. While this is especially important for condo communities since many feature connected homes, it can still hold true for single-family home neighborhoods. Read your community’s guidelines before attaching anything to a lamppost, pool house, shared exterior roof or community gate.

Respect your neighbors. Remember that while your family might get a kick out of elaborate exterior holiday decorations, your next-door neighbors might not feel the same. If your holiday decorations include noisy mechanics or very bright lights, be sure to shut them down at a reasonable hour every evening.

For HOA Boards

Clearly post your community’s guidelines. Send information about holiday decorating in emails, text messages, community newsletters, common space bulletin boards, or individual resident notices. Informed residents are more likely to comply with community rules.

Hold a neighborhood decorating contest and ask residents to vote. This fosters a sense of community and gives neighbors an opportunity to meet one another. Ask your management company for tips, suggestions, and other HOA management resources that encourage bonding among residents in your neighborhood.

Set aside a specific budget to decorate common spaces. By festooning common areas with wreaths, lights and other holiday swag, you bring more cheer to the neighborhood. Your HOA management company can help you source reputable vendors to decorate your community as the holiday season gets underway.

Holiday decorating allows residents to share their individuality and seasonal cheer with their neighbors. By setting clear guidelines and expectations while encouraging residents to get involved, HOAs and homeowners can spread holiday joy while ensuring that their communities stay safe, beautiful and clean.

Happy holidays from the entire team at Keystone Pacific!

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