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Do you have great ideas about how your community can be managed more efficiently? Would you like to become more involved in your HOA’s daily operations? Do you have the time, dedication and enthusiasm to regularly volunteer your skills for the benefit of your community? If so, then you’re a perfect candidate to run for…


Many homeowners aren’t entirely clear about the mechanics of governance that apply to their homeowners association. It’s understandable–when you become a member of a homeowners association, you become a member of a non-profit mutual benefit corporation. This corporation is governed by Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, Covenants, Conditions& Restrictions (CC&Rs) and usually involves a property management…


Crime, natural disasters, and medical emergencies are usually not top of mind–until they happen. Your homeowners association management company plays a role in the planning and recovery of emergencies–not during the emergency itself. In moments of crisis, such as fire, flood, earthquake, break-ins, accidents or other emergencies, your first priority should be to protect yourself…


“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service. Bradley Keil sees it as his job to make homeowners feel special. As a Community Association Manager in Keystone Pacific’s New Project Development department, Brad oversees three communities within Orchard Hills, the…


Recently passed amendments to sections 245.5, 246, and 1182.12 of the California State Labor Code will result in an approximately 50% minimum wage increase, culminating in a $15/hour wage by January 1, 2023. These changes will bring new challenges to your community’s board and budget since hourly wages have a direct impact on your association’s…


“Keystone Spotlight” is an ongoing series introducing our top performing staff who continue to go out of their way to provide exceptional service. Like many on our staff, Laurie Nelms performs a range of functions, all with the focus of providing attentive and responsive service for our HOA management clients. As our New Development Escrow…


Choosing the best property management company for your HOA can be a tricky process. Do all management companies offer the same services? What qualities should you look for? How can you compare the cost to the value you’ll receive?   Not all property management companies are alike, and not all are a great fit for…


HOA board meetings are where important decisions are made that have a significant impact on the community. However, the most common complaint we hear about board meetings is that they seem to go on forever, without necessarily resulting in a clear plan of action. Luckily, by taking the right proactive steps, you can streamline your…


The goal of living in an area with community association management in place is to maintain high property values and make sure that your community is an enjoyable place to live. Don’t take your homeowners association for granted. Your HOA is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation that establishes guidelines to promote property value increases over…


Many homeowners association boards ask us how they can get more people involved in their community’s HOA management. The inherent issue is that an HOA board is pulling from a group of people who already lead busy lives. Serving on the board is a volunteer position with no pay and no huge incentive, other than…