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In previous articles, we have covered how to select a successful property manager and how to find the right manager fit for your community. All of the characteristics and capabilities covered in these articles are important to select a good manager for your community. But what about the subtle characteristics that separate a good community…


Teresa Duhoux is a lot of things to a lot of people here at Keystone. Teresa has been a professional property manager going on thirteen years, eight of which she has spent here at Keystone. Throughout her tenure with us, she has exhibited leadership, professionalism and high standards, rapidly ascending through the ranks from Property…


Homeowners are often overwhelmed at all the information contained in their HOA’s governing documents. It’s no wonder— an association’s covenants, conditions & restrictions (CC&Rs), bylaws and rules & regulations are packed with information, some of which is written in dense legalese.  When we published our article about “Understanding the Differences between CC&RS, Bylaws and Rules…


In today’s world you can rent a movie, order a meal and make a stock trade with a few clicks—so why does HOA management seem to be stuck in the past? Other management companies have tried to address this question by piling more technology into their processes. However, we took a more holistic approach. Here…


Irvine-Based Keystone finalizes purchase of Progressive Community Management of Mission Viejo, CA. IRVINE, CA (May 6, 2019) – Keystone, Southern California’s growing community management specialist, has completed its first acquisition with the purchase of Progressive Community Management of Mission Viejo. Finalized late last week, the acquisition marks the first such transaction for Keystone and propels…


Brandon Surdock is the type of manager who takes the time to understand how things work. Recently promoted to General Manager for an association with on-site management services, Brandon brings unwavering patience and meticulous attention to detail to his job. He knows that quality HOA management requires overseeing dozens of moving pieces all at once….


On-site community management has some specific characteristics that differ from portfolio management. Though the manager’s core function is still the same—to support the HOA by carrying out the directives of the board—on-site management brings its own unique opportunities to capitalize on the features and amenities of your community. If your community features an on-site management…


Membership enthusiasm plays a key role in the success of every community. When homeowners are engaged and excited, the whole community can feel it. It makes the HOA a vibrant, bustling place to live. Not only does an engaged membership support high property values, close-knit homeowners are integral to creating a true sense of community….


2019 has already kicked off many exciting developments for us here at Keystone. We’re continuing to advance the capabilities and expectations of property management throughout Southern California and our brand and staff reflect our ongoing commitment to excellence. “As leaders in Orange County and San Diego HOA management, we’re never satisfied with the status quo,”…


Dues are always a hot topic for HOAs. The collection and allocation of dues can be a touchy subject for the membership since it directly affects their wallets. However, successful homeowners association management wouldn’t be possible without everyone sharing the cost. Board members are put in a tricky situation: they want to please the membership…